Definition of Term Facility Agent

Term Facility Agent means the facility agent under the Term Facility Agreement.

Examples of Term Facility Agent in a sentence

DIP Term Facility Claims are all Claims against the Debtors held by the DIP Term Facility Agent and the DIP Term Facility Lenders pursuant to the DIP Term Facility Agreement and the Final DIP Order, including, without limitation, all "Obligations" as defined in the DIP Term Facility Agreement.
Without prejudice to the Companys obligation to make any interest payment or to pay any repayment instalment on the due date, the Term Facility Agent shall provide to the Company and each Term Facility Lender (with a copy to the Intercreditor Agent) a notice setting out the relevant scheduled payment of interest and scheduled repayment of principal under this Agreement at least 15 Business Days before such amounts fall due for payment by the Company.
To the extent that an insured loss covers or constitutes both Revolving Facility First Lien Collateral and Term Facility First Lien Collateral, then the Revolving Facility Agent and the Term Facility Agent will work jointly and in good faith to collect, adjust or settle (subject to the rights of the Grantors under the Revolving Facility Debt Documents and the Term Facility Debt Documents) under the relevant insurance policy.
The Term Facility Agent shall promptly notify the Company and the Term Facility Lenders of each determination of LIBOR and HIBOR under this Agreement.
Neither the Revolving Facility Agent nor the Term Facility Agent shall have any liability or responsibility for the actions or omissions of any other Secured Party, or for any other Secured Partys compliance with (or failure to comply with) the terms of this Agreement.