Definition of Term Borrowing Base

Term Borrowing Base means as at any date of determination, an amount equal to 50.0% of the Eligible Library Value, plus 80%, subject to the Collateral Agent's reasonable discretion to reduce such percentage to not less than 50%, of accrued Receivables from and due in more than 120 days from the date of determination and not otherwise included in Eligible Library Value.
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Advance Rates means the percentage rates set forth in the definitiondefinitions of Revolver Borrowing Base and Term Borrowing Base, as applicable (including, without limitation, the Term Inventory Advance Rate), as such percentage rates may be modified pursuant to Section 2.1(b).
Unintentional Overadvance means an Overadvance which, to the Agents knowledge, did not constitute an Overadvance when made but which has become an Overadvance resulting from changed circumstances beyond the control of the Lender Group, including, without limitation, a reduction in the Appraised Value or Net Liquidation Percentage of property or assets included in the Revolver Borrowing Base or Term Borrowing Base, increase in Reserves or misrepresentation by the Credit Parties.
The ABL Administrative Agent and the Supplemental Term Agent shall have received a Borrowing Base Certificate which calculates the Revolving Borrowing Base, the Supplemental Term Borrowing Base and the amounts described in Section 2.01(b)(iii)(A) as of the end of the week immediately preceding the Effective Date, dated as of the Effective Date and executed by a Financial Officer of the Borrower.
So long as any amount of the ABL Term Loan remains outstanding, the Lead Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries shall maintain, at all times, Combined Availability in excess of the greater of (a) $17,500,000 and (b) ten percent (10%) of the ABL Term Borrowing Base.
The Term Loan Borrowing Base shall be recomputed at the end of each Fiscal Quarter for which a Compliance Certificate shall be delivered and for the avoidance of doubt, the Borrower may at any time request from an Acceptable Appraiser and deliver an updated Library Value Report, upon which the computations of the Term Borrowing Base will be adjusted to take into account such updated Library Value Report.