Definition of Tennessee Facility

Tennessee Facility means the Owned Real Property of Medegen related to its Gallaway, Tennessee manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility consisting of approximately 265,000 square footage of improvements on approximately 25 acres.

Examples of Tennessee Facility in a sentence

On the Commencement Date, as the TPC Lenders quite correctly note, Old GM was operating both the Maryland Facility and the Tennessee Facility as "integral parts of the General Motors business."21 But section 506 does not refer to the "existing" use of the property to be valued.
Included as part of the property to be sold under the 363 Sale Motion was a transmission manufacturing plant in White Marsh, Maryland (the "Maryland Facility") and a service parts distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee (the "Tennessee Facility" and with the Maryland Facility, the "TPC Properties").
Columbia, Tennessee Facility Lease Facility leased by: Accuride Corporation Landlord: Accuride Columbia General Partnership Location: 981 Industrial Park, Columbia, TN Annual Rental Cost: $436,612.00 per year Expiration Date: January 16, 2008 SECOND AMENDED AND RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT SCHEDULE 4.01(s) SCHEDULE 4.01(s) LEASES TO OTHERS 1.
With respect to each Indiana Facility, Wisconsin Facility, North Carolina Facility, Tennessee Facility and Texas Facility, each of HCRI-IN, HCRI-WI, HCRI-NC, HCRI-TN and HCRI-TX, respectively, appoints HCRI as its agent and lawful attorney-in-fact to act for it for all purposes and actions of Landlord under this Lease.