Definition of Tenant's Improvements

Tenant's Improvements means all improvements, betterments, fixtures (inclusive of removable trade fixtures), equipment and appurtenances attached to or built into the Premises by or on behalf of Tenant (whether or not at Tenant's expense) during the Term, including the Initial Tenant Work and all Alterations (and including Tenant's line, riser and other connections to the Building Systems and any separate HVAC, electrical or other mechanical system or facility installed by or on behalf of Tenant), but excluding Tenant's Property.

Examples of Tenant's Improvements in a sentence

Tenant shall cause each insurance policy carried by it insuring against liability or insuring the Premises (including the contents thereof and Tenants Improvements installed therein by Tenant or on its behalf) against loss by fire or any of the casualties covered by the all-risk insurance required hereunder to be written in such a manner as to provide that the insurer waives all right of recovery by way of subrogation against Landlord in connection with any loss or damage covered by such policies.
Landlord is not responsible for the function and maintenance of Tenant's Improvements which are different than Landlord's standard improvements at the Property or improvements, equipment, cabinets or fixtures not installed by Landlord.
Delays in the completion of construction of Tenants Improvements or in obtaining a certificate of occupancy, if required by the applicable governmental authority, caused by Tenant or Tenants Contractors (hereinafter defined) or any person, firm or corporation employed by Tenant or Tenants Contractors shall constitute Tenant Delays (herein so called).
In the event Tenants Improvements are not substantially complete within sixty (60) days of the intended Commencement Date, then Tenant shall have the right to terminate this Lease unless Landlord is able to complete such improvements within fifteen (15) days of receipt of Tenants written notice.
Tenant shall promptly provide Landlord and Landlords space planner and/or architect, as applicable, with all information needed to cause the construction of Tenants Improvements to be completed such that Tenant, the Premises and Tenants Improvements (as constructed) will be in compliance with the Disability Acts.