Definition of Tenant Proportionate Share

Tenant Proportionate Share means a fraction, the numerator of which is the rentable area of the Demised Premises from time to time (i.e., including the rentable area of any expansion space leased by Tenant from time to time hereunder), and the denominator of which is the rentable area of the Building (subject, in any event, to the terms set forth in Section 4.3(c) below).

Examples of Tenant Proportionate Share in a sentence

Definition of "Tenant Proportionate Share" to mean forty percent (40%).
If Tenant is successful in such action or proceeding, Landlord shall reimburse to Tenant Proportionate Share of the reduction in Taxes and Assessments realized by Tenant in such contest or proceeding within thirty (30) days after the amount of such reduction has been paid to Landlord by the taxing authority.
After the close of each Operating Year during the Term, Landlord shall furnish Tenant a written statement of the Estimated Operating Costs for such Operating Year, and a corresponding calculation of additional rent, which shall be one-twelfth (1/12) of Tenant Proportionate Share of such estimated amount.
Taxes shall be equitably prorated and apportioned between the Building and the other buildings within Project (and Tenant Proportionate Share of such Expenses is 23.3% as of the Commencement Date).
Upon the Relocated Premises Commencement Date and throughout the Extended Term, Tenant Proportionate Share (with respect to the Relocated Premises) shall be modified to mean 14.16% (to wit: 9,716/68,608 x 100).