Temporary Privileges definition

Temporary Privileges means those Clinical Privileges granted for a period not to exceed 120 days as more specifically described in Section 6.8 of these Bylaws.
Temporary Privileges means a permit to practice medicine, dentistry or midwifery in the facilities owned or operated by PHC and granted for a specified period of time, not to exceed twelve (12) months, to Medical Staff in order to provide a specific service (e.g. organ retrieval).
Temporary Privileges means the time limited permission granted in exceptional circumstances to a Practitioner by the Authority to provide care to patients, including admitting, treatment and consultation privileges. Temporary Privileges may be granted by the Authority CMO without the need to consult MAC in advance. Temporary Privileges cannot be granted for a period longer than one hundred and twenty (120) days. Temporary Privileges shall expire on the date specified by the Authority unless an extension is granted by the Authority CMO in exceptional circumstances for one further period of no longer than one hundred and twenty (120) days. No further extension is permitted without the consent of MCLC.

Examples of Temporary Privileges in a sentence

  • At any time, Temporary Privileges may be terminated by the Clinical Staff Executive Committee.

  • Temporary Privileges may be granted to individuals who are not requesting consideration for Medical Staff Membership or ongoing Clinical Privileges when there is an important patient care, treatment, or service need.

  • Temporary Privileges for an important patient care need will be effective immediately upon Notice to the Practitioner and shall be granted for a period of time correlating to the important patient care need, not to exceed a term of 120 Days.

  • Exceptions to this requirement will be considered only when practitioners are requesting Temporary Privileges under emergency circumstances to meet patient care needs as provided in the Bylaws, for Honorary Members, or such other exceptional circumstances as may be approved by the Chief Executive Officer, the President or the Chair of the Credentials Committee.

  • A person shall not be entitled to the procedural rights afforded by Article IX because a request for Temporary Privileges is refused or because all or any portion of Temporary Privileges are terminated or suspended for reasons not related to competence or conduct.

  • If the above requirements are not satisfied, Temporary Privileges may not be granted.

  • The Credentials Manual specifies supervisory requirements for the Department Chair or the Chair’s designee when Temporary Privileges have been granted to an Applicant in the Clinical Department.

  • In addition the Credentials Manual may specify additional verifications required before such Temporary Privileges may be granted.

  • Requirements for proctoring and monitoring, including FPPE, shall be imposed on such terms as may be appropriate under the circumstances upon any Applicant granted Temporary Privileges by the Chair of the Credentials Committee after consultation with the Department Chair or his or her designee.

  • All persons requesting or receiving Temporary Privileges shall be bound by the Bylaws, the Credentials Manual, and the policies, procedures, of the Medical Center.

More Definitions of Temporary Privileges

Temporary Privileges means the right to practice in the facilities and programs operated by Health PEI that is granted to a member of the Medical Staff for a specified period of time in order that they may provide a specific service;
Temporary Privileges means those Clinical Privileges granted to a Practitioner or AHP for a specified period of time, not to exceed one hundred-twenty (120) days, and under prescribed circumstances. See Article IV Section 2.

Related to Temporary Privileges

  • Temporary use means a use or structure on improved or unimproved real estate which is of impermanent nature, and is used for less than ninety days in a calendar year.

  • Temporary means employment of an intermittent nature; for a limited, specified period; and undertaken during unpaid Maternity Leave or extended unpaid Maternity Leave.

  • Temporary license means a license issued on a short-term basis for a specified time pursuant to subrule 3.5(4).

  • Temporary service means an electrical service granted temporarily for such purposes as construction, real estate sales, trailers, et cetera;

  • temporary licence means a Licence granted under the Act valid for a single day or for such period as may be specified in the Licence not exceeding six months.

  • Temporary Work means all temporary works of every kind required in or about the execution, completion and maintenance of the works.

  • Temporary job site means any location where industrial radiography, wireline service, well-logging, portable gauge or x-ray fluorescence use is performed and where licensed material may be stored other than those locations of use authorized on the license.

  • Temporary sign means a sign not permanently fixed and not intended to remain fixed in one position;

  • Temporary worker means a person who is furnished to you to substitute for a permanent "employee" on leave or to meet seasonal or short-term workload conditions.

  • Temporary Works means all temporary works of every kind required in or about the execution, completion or maintenance of works.

  • Temporary Global Note means a global note in the form or substantially in the form set out in Part 1 of Schedule 6 together with the copy of the applicable Final Terms attached to it with such modifications (if any) as may be agreed between the Issuer, the Agent and the relevant Dealer, comprising some or all of the Notes of the same Series issued by the Issuer under the Programme Agreement or any other agreement between the Issuer and the relevant Dealer; Tranche means Notes which are identical in all respects (including as to listing); and