Definition of Temporary Occupancy Agreement

Temporary Occupancy Agreement means the Temporary Occupancy Agreement to be entered into among Parent, Buyer and Seller, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F.
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Examples of Temporary Occupancy Agreement in a sentence

The Temporary Occupancy Agreement is hereby terminated as of the date of this Lease.
Tenant acknowledges that it is in possession of the Initial Premises pursuant to that certain Temporary Occupancy Agreement dated January 28, 2013 by and between Landlord and Tenant.
Tenant shall have the right to terminate the 8th Floor Temporary Occupancy Agreement (but not with respect to the portion of the Premises located on the 16th floor of the Building) prior to August 31, 2005 if the initial tenant improvement work to be performed in the portion of the Premises located on the 16th floor of the Building has been completed, by delivering 30 days prior written notice of such early termination to Landlord.
Seller shall have executed and delivered the Temporary Occupancy Agreement.
Respondent further states that Respondent did not instruct anyone to throw out Complainant's son's personal property, that there was never a lease (only a Purchase and Sales Agreement with Temporary Occupancy Agreement - which was never signed by the buyer despite Respondent's attempts) and there was TREC Meeting September 11, 2013 Page 31 of 44 no rent money collected since it was not a rental situation but a purchase which was to take place.