Definition of Temporary Loan

Temporary Loan means that the party named on the Receipt for
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Examples of Temporary Loan in a sentence

The Company shall have entered into the Control Agreement with the Initial Lender and the bank where the Temporary Loan Account for the Initial Lender is located, on terms and conditions satisfactory to the Initial Lender.
Investor Loans includes the Temporary Loan and any other funds advanced or loaned by Investor to GEM or GEC, as well as amounts loaned by Investor to GEC and GEM to fund the Full House Financing Obligation, as described at Section 5.2 below, which are repaid as set forth at Article V below.
The first sentence of Section 4.1 shall be amended in its entirety as follows: "The Temporary Loan and the Term Loans shall be subordinate to the prior payment in full in cash of the principal of, premium (if any), and interest on all Senior Indebtedness." 50 8.
DeLoache, Jr. in the principal amount of $200,000, if any principal or accrued and unpaid interest remains outstanding under the Temporary Loan Note.
Notwithstanding Section 6.20 of the Loan Agreement, as of the end of each fiscal month occurring during the period commencing on the date hereof and ending on the last day of the Temporary Loan Period, Hanover shall only be required to maintain Consolidated Net Worth, calculated on a consolidated basis for Hanover and its Subsidiaries, of at least Seventy-Five Million Dollars ($75,000,000).