Templeton definition

Templeton or any name xxxxxxxingly implying a continuing relationship between the Trust or the Fund and the Investment Manager or any of its affiliates.
Templeton has the meaning ascribed thereto under the heading "Planx xx Xxxxganization."
Templeton means Templeton Insurance Limited;

Examples of Templeton in a sentence

  • The Templeton Trust currently consists of eight separate series, and the VIP Trust consists of twenty-five separate series.

  • Shares of Class A, Class C, Class R, Class R6 and Advisor Class may be exchanged for shares of another investment company within the Franklin Templeton Group of Funds according to the terms and conditions stated in each fund’s prospectus and SAI, as may be amended from time to time, to the extent permitted by the 1940 Act, and the rules and regulations adopted thereunder.

  • Examples of such Proprietary Information include, among other things, internal research reports, research materials supplied to Franklin Templeton Investments by vendors and broker-dealers not generally available to the public, minutes of departmental/research meetings and conference calls, and communications with company officers (including confidentiality agreements).

  • In the event the information in your possession is determined by the Legal Department or the Compliance Officer to be material and non-public, it may not be communicated to anyone, including persons within Franklin Templeton Investments, except as provided in (i) above.

  • Do not purchase or sell the securities on behalf of yourself or others, including investment companies or private accounts managed by Franklin Templeton Investments.

  • This policy applies to Franklin Templeton funds including those Funds purchased through a 401(k) plan and to funds that are sub-advised by an investment adviser subsidiary of Franklin Resources, Inc., but does not apply to purchases and sales of Franklin Templeton money fund shares.

  • Franklin Templeton Investments will treat the information set forth in a report of any suspected violation of the Code or Insider Trading Policy in a confidential manner and will conduct a prompt and appropriate evaluation and investigation of any matter reported.

  • All new Supervised and Access Persons of Franklin Templeton Investments are required to complete the Code of Ethics Computer Based Training program.

  • All Franklin Templeton Investments personnel also are reminded of the need to be careful to protect from disclosure other types of sensitive information that they may obtain or have access to as a result of their employment or association with Franklin Templeton Investments.

  • If you are an employee or temporary employee of Franklin Templeton Investments AND you do not fit into any of the above categories, you are a Non-Access Person.

More Definitions of Templeton

Templeton or the "Subadviser"), Xxxxxxx Investment Management Company LLC (the "Adviser") and Forward Funds, Inc. (the "Company"), on behalf of The International Equity Fund (the "Fund"), a series of the Company.
Templeton without thx xxxxx xritten consent and upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Company shall cease all use of any such name or mark as soon as reasoxxxxy practicable.

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