Definition of TEIR

TEIR means a Tribal Environmental Impact Report, as described in Section V below.

Examples of TEIR in a sentence

Declaration, TEIR and Intergovernmental Mitigation Agreement processes set forth below shall not be applicable to any of the Ongoing Projects.
The Tribe shall consult with the County regarding the scope of the environmental review and consider any recommendation from the County concerning the person or entity to prepare the TEIR.
For Tribal Commercial Development Projects that the Tribe has determined will have a Significant Adverse Impact, the Tribe shall cause a TEIR to be prepared which analyzes potentially Significant Adverse Impacts, as provided below.
The Environmental Study contains information that would be required in a draft TEIR for future Tribal Commercial Development Projects.
If the Parties, after meeting and conferring consistent with Section 5.3.18 above, have not approved, executed and delivered an Intergovernmental Mitigation Agreement for a Tribal Commercial Development Project consistent with this Section within thirty (30) days after the date of the publication of the Final TEIR, or such other date as the Parties may mutually agree in writing, either party may initiate the binding arbitration dispute resolution processes contained in Section 20.2.