Definition of TEIR

TEIR means a Tribal Environmental Impact Report, as described in Sectiqn Vbelow.
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Examples of TEIR in a sentence

The Environmental Study contains information that would be required in a draft TEIR for future Tribal Commercial Development Projects.
The Tribe's failure to prepare a TEIR that satisfies the requirements and standards of section 11.1 may be deemed a breach of this Compact and furthermore shall be grounds for issuance of an injunction or other appropriate equitable relief.
The Tribe shall reimburse the County for reasonable copying and mailing costs resulting from making the Notice of Preparation, Notice of Completion, and draft TEIR available to the public under this section 11.0. Sec.
Upon completion of the Draft TEIR, the Tribe shall submit a copy of the draft TEIR and a Notice of Completion to the State Clearinghouse and the County.
For Tribal Commercial Development Projects that the Tribe has determined will have a Significant Adverse Impact, the Tribe shall cause a TEIR to be prepared which analyzes potentially Significant .