Definition of Technology Licensing Agreement

Technology Licensing Agreement means the technology licensing agreement dated as of July 15, 2013 between Overland and Sphere 3D.

Examples of Technology Licensing Agreement in a sentence

Under the Technology Licensing Agreement, IBM will license bulk CMOS technologies to SMIC.
ACNielsen shall, and shall cause each relevant ACNielsen Party to, maintain complete and accurate accounts and records of each ACNielsen Party's revenues in respect of which a royalty is payable under the relevant Technology Licensing Agreement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
The Directors, including the independent non-executive Directors, are of the opinion that the terms of the Technology Licensing Agreement are fair and reasonable and are in the interests of the shareholders of the Company as a whole.
The licence under the Technology Licensing Agreement is a perpetual licence, unless terminated earlier for breach of any material term or condition of the Technology Licensing Agreement.
The Company has applied to the Stock Exchange for a waiver from strict compliance of Rules 14.58(4) and 14.58(6) of the Listing Rules in respect of disclosure of the actual consideration of the Technology Licensing Agreement and to-date the Stock Exchange has indicated that it may not grant the required waiver.