Definition of Technology Inventions

Technology Inventions means all Inventions that are directed to [***] Technology, and all intellectual property rights therein.
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Examples of Technology Inventions in a sentence

Regulus shall consult with Sanofi as to the preparation, filing, prosecution and maintenance of Joint Core Technology Patents and draft patent applications claiming Joint Core Technology Inventions reasonably prior to any deadline or action with any patent office, shall furnish to Sanofi copies of all relevant documents reasonably in advance of such consultation, and shall consider in good faith the reasonable comments and suggestions of Sanofi.
By way of example, Technology Inventions would include generic processes to make a wide variety of compositions.
BAXTER shall maintain such insurance for so long as it continues to use and exploit any of the Patent Rights, Technology, Inventions Patents or Inventions, or to conduct the research, development, production, distribution or use of Licensed Products, and thereafter for so long as BAXTER maintains insurance for itself covering supply of Licensed Products.
Subject to the license granted to Materia in this Section 5.3(b), Renegade retains full ownership of the Technology Inventions.
INSURANCE (a) BAXTER shall maintain insurance, including product liability insurance, with respect to the use and exploitation of the Patent Rights, Technology, Inventions Patents and Inventions, and the research, development, production, distribution and use of Licensed Products in such amount as is customarily maintained in accordance with good practice for the pharmaceutical industry.