Definition of Teaming Arrangement

Teaming Arrangement means the business relationship between OXYS and PPA, established pursuant to this agreement.

Examples of Teaming Arrangement in a sentence

Small Business Teaming Arrangement-- (1) Means an arrangement where-- (i) Two or more small business concerns have formed a joint venture; or (ii) A small business offeror agrees with one or more other small business concerns to have them act as its subcontractors under a specified Government contract.
Also relevant here, the solicitation permitted vendors to structure their quotations as either a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contractor Teaming Arrangement or a GSA Prime Contractor/Subcontractor arrangement.
Volume IV will be organized as follows: 1) Proposal Summary/Cover Sheet including: * Date submitted; * Contractor's name * Contractor technical lead contact information; * All subcontractor(s) (as applicable) and the description of their planned subcontracting effort; * Contractor Teaming Arrangement Agreement (as applicable) * Reference to any unique terms or conditions, or any requests to deviate from standard PWS requirements and supporting rationale.
No event has occurred and, to the knowledge of the Borrowers, no condition exists that may reasonably be expected to result in the debarment or suspension of a Borrower from any contracting with the Government, and no Borrower nor any Subsidiary of a Borrower nor any Affiliate of a Borrower (to the extent affiliated by reason of a Permitted Teaming Arrangement) has been subject to any such debarment or suspension prior to the date of this Agreement.
Teaming Arrangements 7.12.1. The following Tender deliverable shall be provided, if applicable: ASD ID DID Status Tender Deliverable 1114 0801 Full Teaming Arrangement Strategy 7.12.2. If the Tenderer intends to form a Teaming Arrangement for the delivery of the Emergency Personal Locator Beacon Project, the Tenderer is required to provide details of this arrangement in accordance with the above.