Definition of TCHI

TCHI means Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc., a Nevada corporation.

Examples of TCHI in a sentence

Borrower and Parent have requested that Lender consent to the TCHI Merger, the Dissolutions and the Name Change.
By: /s/ Lynda Clutchey ----------------------------------------- Title: President -28- 29 TCHI ACQUISITION CORP.
Subject to the terms, and on the conditions, of this Amendment, effective on and after August 25, 2014, Lender hereby consents, without representation, warranty or recourse, to the TCHI Merger, the Dissolutions, and the Name Change.
If and upon terms and conditions approved by the Disinterested Members (as defined below) of TCHI's Board of Directors and execution of definitive documents mutually agreed upon by the parties, Holder shall have the right the convert the then outstanding principal and accrued interest due to Holder under this Note into the common stock, par value $0.001 per share, of Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc.; provided, however, that upon such a conversion the Warrant (as defined below) shall be cancelled.
For purposes of this provision, and solely with respect to the approval of the terms and conditions of conversion pursuant to this Section 1.04, the "Disinterested Members" of TCHI's Board of Directors shall mean those directors other than David Van Andel, Mark Bugge, and any director appointed by Holder pursuant to that certain Voting Agreement in favor of Holder, dated October 2, 2015.