Definition of TCEH DIP Facility

TCEH DIP Facility means the TCEH Debtors $4.475 billion debtor-in-possession financing facility, as approved on a final basis pursuant to the TCEH Final DIP Order.

Examples of TCEH DIP Facility in a sentence

On June 17, 2014, the RCT determined that Luminant Mining could satisfy these bonding obligations by providing a collateral bond in the form of a super-priority "carve-out" (the "RCT Carve Out") from the super-priority liens under the TCEH DIP Facility.
The TCEH Committee and the TCEH Unsecured Notes Trustee asserted, among other things, that the TCEH DIP Facility (i) is oversized in light of the TCEH Debtors' ordinary course operations and chapter 11 expenses and (ii) prejudices unsecured creditors by granting liens and superpriority claims on substantially all of the TCEH assets, including unencumbered assets, to the TCEH DIP Facility lenders and TCEH prepetition secured creditors.
Under the terms of the RCT Carve Out, in the event reclamation obligations are not satisfied, the RCT will be paid on account of such obligations before the Holders of Claims under the TCEH DIP Facility lenders and the TCEH Debtors' prepetition secured creditors recover on their claims.
On July 11, 2014, the RTC accepted the RCT Carve Out to support the Debtors' reclamation obligations, terminating the Delayed-Draw Term Facility and reducing the TCEH DIP Facility to $3.375 billion.
In addition to funding adequate protection payments, working capital (e.g., collateral for letters of credit), and other bankruptcy costs, the TCEH DIP Facility would also enable the Debtors to satisfy the requirement under section 12.309(j)(7) of the Texas Administrative Code (the "TAC") to provide a collateral bond to the Railroad Commission of Texas (the "RCT") to secure the Debtors' mining reclamation obligations.