Definition of TCA LLC

TCA LLC means TravelCenters of America, LLC, together with its successors and permitted assigns.
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Examples of TCA LLC in a sentence

If within 30 days following delivery of the Closing Balance Sheet and the Closing Net Working Capital calculation HPT has not given TCA LLC written notice of its objection as to the Closing Net Working Capital calculation (which notice shall state the basis of HPTs objection), then the Closing Net Working Capital calculated by TCA LLC shall be binding and conclusive on the parties and be used in computing the payments described below.
TCA LLC will cause each TCA LLC Subsidiary to enter into any license and sublicenses necessary to effectuate the foregoing.
The parties agree that at the Lease Termination Date, HPT and its Subsidiaries will have the right to offer employment to any and all employees of TCA LLC and the TCA LLC Subsidiaries at the Landlord Properties, and TCA LLC will not, and will cause each TCA LLC Subsidiary not to, interfere with the exercise of such right, and TCA LLC will, and will cause each TCA LLC Subsidiary to, cooperate with HPT and its Subsidiaries.
After the Distribution, and for so long thereafter as TCA LLC or any TCA LLC Subsidiary is a tenant of HPT or one of HPTs Subsidiaries, (a) TCA LLC will not permit the occurrence of any Change in Control, and (b) TCA LLC will not take any action that, in the reasonable judgment of HPT, might reasonably be expected to have an adverse impact on the ability of HPT to qualify as a real estate investment trust under Sections 856 through 860 of the Code.
HPT and TCA LLC intend that on the TCA Closing Date (after giving effect to the TCA Closing and all transfers and other actions that this Agreement contemplates occurring prior to the Distribution), TCA LLC will have Net Working Capital of $200,000,000.