Definition of TCA Debt

TCA Debt means that certain debt of the Company owed to TCA in the original principal amount of $3 million.
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Examples of TCA Debt in a sentence

The definition of "Exempt Issuance" in each Initial Note held by or initially issued to the Participating Investor shall be amended to include (a) the issuance of securities pursuant to the Existing Convertible Debt Facility, the Exchange Debentures, the New Convertible Debt Facility and the TCA Debt Facility (as each of these terms are defined in the Security Agreement), (b) any securities issued pursuant to this Agreement and (c) any securities issued upon exercise of PIK Warrants.
Company further agrees to increase the Share Reserve to 600,000,000 shares of Common Stock at such time as either (i) Investor purchases the remaining debt balance from TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP (the "TCA Debt"), or (ii) the TCA Debt has otherwise been paid in full.