Definition of TBV

TBV means T.B.V. Enterprises Incorporated, an Arizona corporation.
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Examples of TBV in a sentence

TBV also adjusted for the deferred tax liability related to tax deductible goodwill.
Note: OceanFirst's Price / TBV, Price / 2017E EPS and dividend yield based on stock price of $18.74 as of July 12, 2016.
Pro Forma closing Price/ TBV for OceanFirst reflects capital accretion from Cape as well as dilution from Ocean Shore transaction projected for December 31, 2016.
Either (i) Parent and the Company shall have agreed in writing regarding the Final Adjusted TBV or (ii) the Neutral Auditor shall have made its final and binding determination of the Final Adjusted TBV pursuant to Section 2.2(g).
The Final Adjusted TBV shall be not less than twenty six million U.S. dollars ($26,000,000).