Definition of TBV

TBV means T.B.V. Enterprises Incorporated, an Arizona corporation.

Examples of TBV in a sentence

Either (i) Parent and the Company shall have agreed in writing regarding the Final Adjusted TBV or (ii) the Neutral Auditor shall have made its final and binding determination of the Final Adjusted TBV pursuant to Section 2.2(g).
The Final Adjusted TBV shall be not less than twenty six million U.S. dollars ($26,000,000).
In the event that the Purchaser disputes any such Preliminary TBV Statement in any respect, the Company and the Purchaser shall cooperate in good faith to resolve such dispute as promptly as practicable.
The Preliminary TBV Per Share shall be rounded to the nearer whole cent (with one-half cent being rounded upwards) (such amount, the Estimated Closing Price).
Schedule 1.4 contains a sample calculation of the Preliminary TBV Amount, the Estimated Closing Price and the Preliminary TBV Per Share and the form of Preliminary TBV Statement.