Definition of TBT

TBT means The Big Tomato, Inc., a Colorado corporation which is wholly-owned by the Company.
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Examples of TBT in a sentence

China did eventually notify the regulations to the TBT Committee, but the regulations did not provide basic information such as the specific products for which mandatory testing will be required or any details on the applicable testing and certification protocols, generating concern among U.S. and other foreign companies that they would have insufficient time to adapt their products to China's requirements and that in-country testing requirements would be burdensome and costly.
TB&T specifically offers this service at its interstate bus terminal facilities: the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) and the George Washington Bridge Bus Station (GWBBS).
The most recent loan watch list of TBT and a list of all loans which have been determined to be thirty (30) days or more past due with respect to principal or interest payments or has been placed on nonaccrual status has also been provided by TFC to ONB.
At the effective time of the Bank Merger, the separate corporate existence of TBT will terminate.
TBT owns no voting stock or equity securities of any corporation, partnership, association or other entity.