Definition of TBN

TBN means Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc., a church and California non-profit religious corporation doing business as Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Examples of TBN in a sentence

To be nominated" (TBN) barge identities are acceptable in loading orders.
To be "nominated" (TBN) barge identities are acceptable in loading orders.
Borrowers shall produce the Film and duly and timely deliver it to the Distributors on or before the Delivery Date (as the same may be defined and extended by the Distributors), in accordance with the Distribution Agreements, and otherwise consistent with the provisions of this Agreement, the TBN Agreement, the P&A Subordination Agreement, the Escrow Agreement - Collection Account, the Escrow Agreement Disbursement Account, and the Notice of Irrevocable Authority and Direction to Pay.
Tanker nominations made as TBN shall be replaced at least five (5) working days prior to the accepted date range, unless a shorter time is acceptable to the Company; and -70- 74 (d) Documentation instructions shall be given for each lifting not later than four (4) days prior to the first day of the accepted date range for the tanker in question.
Fixed-price for CLINs 0003 and 0004: $TBN (will be negotiated if the Air Force elects to award an SBIR Phase II effort).