Definition of TBN

TBN means Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc., a church and California non-profit religious corporation doing business as Trinity Broadcasting Network.
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TBN means Training Batch Number which is a unique number given to training
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Examples of TBN in a sentence

Govett, TBN 08235900 Jason Fagelman, TBN 00796525 Robert Greeson, TBN 24045979 Nathan B.
Shelby, TBN 24037482 Jane Langdell Robinson, TBN 24062970 Edward B.
To be "nominated" (TBN) barge identities are acceptable in loading orders.
The following is a list of the parties and their counsel on appeal and in the district court: Counsel for Relator, Andrew Silver: Demetrios Anaipakos, TBN 00793258 Timothy C.
P.C. By: /s/ Jane Langdell Robinson Demetrios Anaipakos, TBN 00793258 Timothy C.