Definition of TBC Security Agreement

TBC Security Agreement means the Security Agreement dated the date hereof given by the Borrower to the Department which constitutes a lien upon the TBC Collateral, subject to the Intercreditor Agreement.
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The Financing Statements are sufficient in form to perfect the security interest in the Collateral created by the TBC Security Agreement and each Subsidiary Security Agreement, to the extent such security interest may be perfected by the filing of the Financing Statements under the UCC and the Trademark Laws.
We have examined the Credit Agreement, the TBC Security Agreement, the Acknowledgment, the Guarantees, and each Subsidiary Security Agreement (collectively, the "Transaction Documents"), and the UCC-1 financings statements and trademark assignments executed by our clients in connection with the TBC Security Agreement and the Subsidiary Security Agreements (collectively, the "Financing Statements"), together with telecopied facsimiles of the signature pages of each of the foregoing.