Definition of Tax Offset Bonus

Tax Offset Bonus means a cash payment which the Company makes automatically upon the exercise of an Option equal to a percentage (as determined by the Committee pursuant to Subsection 6.2 and Section 7) of the excess of the Fair Market Value of the Stock on a date determined by the Committee over the Grant Price of the Option, the purpose of which is to offset partially the federal income tax incurred incident to exercising a Nonstatutory Option.

Examples of Tax Offset Bonus in a sentence

The Committee may, in its discretion, grant Tax Offset Bonus Rights to selected Participants.
Such rights shall be evidenced by Tax Offset Bonus Rights agreements on the terms and conditions set forth in the Plan, which agreements shall specify the amount or method of calculating the amount of the rights being granted and may contain such other terms and conditions as are not inconsistent with the purposes and provisions of the Plan.
The Committee may grant to a Participant, at the time of granting an Award or at any time thereafter, the right to receive a cash payment in an amount specified by the Committee, to be paid at such time or times (if ever) as the Award results in compensation income to the Participant, for the purpose of assisting the Participant to pay the resulting taxes, all as determined by the Committee and on such other terms and conditions as the Committee shall determine (a Tax Offset Bonus).
In no event may a Tax Offset Bonus Right be exercised later than the tenth anniversary of the date on which the Tax Offset Bonus Right is granted, and shall be subject to earlier termination as hereinafter provided.
Tax Offset Bonus Rights shall be exercisable to the extent, and only to the extent, the related Nonqualified Stock Option is exercisable.