Surrendered definition

Surrendered means the certification is inactive and the holder of the certification has no authority to function as an emergency medical care provider.
Surrendered means in respect of any Patent Rights, any of (i) ceasing to maintain (by payment of renewal fees or otherwise) the applicable Patent Rights; (ii) withdrawing, surrendering, dedicating to the public or allowing the applicable Patent Rights to lapse; (iii) in the case of a pending application de-designating, or not validating or ratifying in, a country covered by the application or not entering into the national or regional phase in a country designated in the international or convention application or (iv) consenting to or ceasing to defend an application, action or litigation for revocation;
Surrendered license or registration means a license or registration that a person voluntarily returns to the department, or a license or registration that was returned to the department before, during, or after an investigation as defined in article 5 of the occupational code, MCL 339.501 to MCL 339.559.

Examples of Surrendered in a sentence

  • Surrendered capacity shall be marketed subordinated to primary capacity available for the period in question.

  • Surrendered capacity that could not be re-marketed shall be made available again to the shipper daily for the following day after the completion of day-ahead marketing, but no later than 18:30 hours for use in the balancing group in which it had been included prior to surrender.

  • The Contractor understands that it is the County’s policy to encourage all County Contractors to voluntarily post the County’s “Safely Surrendered Baby Law” poster in a prominent position at the Contractor’s place of business.

  • The new Network User, to whom Withdrawn Capacity is sold, shall be obliged to provide a financial guarantee pursuant to Article 7.6 of the Operational Order; the time limits specified therein shall apply accordingly.The Withdrawn Capacity shall only be sold after all remaining available firm capacity is allocated by the TSO and all Additional Capacity and Surrendered Capacity is sold out.

  • The Contractor shall notify and provide to its employees, and shall require each subcontractor to notify and provide to its employees, a fact sheet regarding the Safely Surrendered Baby Law, its implementation in Los Angeles County, and where and how to safely surrender a baby.

  • After the allocation of offered Surrendered Capacity, the TSO shall immediately notify the original Network User.

  • In any case, the proposed quantity and duration of capacity withdrawal shall not exceed the capacity required by the market, which could not be allocated in the form of firm capacity, Additional Capacity or Surrendered Capacity.

  • The Contractor acknowledges that the County places a high priority on the implementation of the Safely Surrendered Baby Law.

  • Surrendered permits are those that were voluntarily returned to NMFS by the permit holder – these permits were valid for part of the year, before being lost from the fishery.

  • Additional Capacity is sold together with the firm transmission capacity, before allocating Surrendered Capacity and Withdrawn Capacity.

More Definitions of Surrendered

Surrendered or "Surrendering" means, when used with respect to Shares, (a) one or more book-entry transfers of Shares to the DTC account of the Administrative Trustee or (b) surrender to the Administrative Trustee at its Corporate Trust Office of one or more Certificates evidencing Shares.
Surrendered means the surrender to and the Nation’s corresponding acceptance of portions of the NGS Site pursuant to Section 6 (Surrender). Upon Surrender: (1) the leasehold interest of the Lessees in the Surrendered Lands is extinguished; and (2) possession thereof by Lessees is relinquished, subject to and reserving rights of reasonable access by both the Nation and Lessees, all as provided in this Lease. To the extent any portion of the Surrendered Lands contains monitoring and related areas requiring post-closure access as described in Section 6 (Surrender), a general description or map of said areas shall be included in the documentation establishing the Surrender.
Surrendered means to have voluntarily relinquished a certificate issued under AS

Related to Surrendered

  • Surrender when used with respect to American Depositary Shares, shall mean (i) one or more book-entry transfers of American Depositary Shares to the DTC account of the Depositary, (ii) delivery to the Depositary at its Office of an instruction to surrender American Depositary Shares not evidenced by a Receipt or (iii) surrender to the Depositary at its Office of one or more Receipts evidencing American Depositary Shares.

  • Share Registrar means Codan Trust Company (Cayman) Limited or any other institution organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands appointed by the Company to carry out the duties of registrar for the Shares, and any successor thereto.

  • Registrar means the Depositary or any bank or trust company having an office in the Borough of Manhattan, The City of New York, which shall be appointed by the Depositary to register issuances, transfers and cancellations of ADSs as herein provided, and shall include any co-registrar appointed by the Depositary for such purposes. Registrars (other than the Depositary) may be removed and substitutes appointed by the Depositary. Each Registrar (other than the Depositary) appointed pursuant to the Deposit Agreement shall be required to give notice in writing to the Depositary accepting such appointment and agreeing to be bound by the applicable terms of the Deposit Agreement.

  • Cancellation means an end to the Contract affected pursuant to a right which the Contract creates due to a Breach.

  • Corporate Trust Office means the office of the Trustee at which, at any particular time, its corporate trust business shall be principally administered, which office at the date hereof is located at .