Surgical suite definition

Surgical suite means an area that includes one or more operating rooms and one or more recovery rooms.
Surgical suite means both the operating and recovery room(s) located in a physician’s office wherein Level III office-based surgery is to be performed.
Surgical suite means an area which includes one or more operating rooms and one or more

Examples of Surgical suite in a sentence

  • Surgical suite nursing services shall be under the direction and supervi- sion of a registered professional nurse with specific education and experience in dealing with transplantation patients.

  • Surgical suite" means an area that includes one or more operating rooms and one or more recovery rooms.

  • Surgical suite nursing services shall be under the direction and supervision of a registered professional nurse with specific education and experience in dealing with cardiovascular patients.

More Definitions of Surgical suite

Surgical suite means an area that is designated for and restricted to the purpose of performance of surgical procedures;
Surgical suite means an area
Surgical suite means the Hospital's Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and the Labor and Delivery Complex);

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