Supported by definition

Supported by means one or both of the following:
Supported by presumably means "funded by"? Is
Supported by the covered financial company means guarantees or granting of collateral that supports the obligations

Examples of Supported by in a sentence

  • Supported by the Deutsche Post Foundation, IZA runs the world’s largest network of economists, whose research aims to provide answers to the global labor market challenges of our time.

  • Supported by Government of India / State Government in some other way.

  • For details please refer to the Section “Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) facility”.

  • Applications Supported by Blocked Amount or ASBA facility: An application containing an authorization given by the Investor to block the application money in his/her specified bank account towards the subscription of Units offered during the NFO(New Fund Offer) of a Scheme.

  • In respect of New Fund Offer (NFO) of Schemes/Plan(s) an investor can subscribe to the NFO through Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA ) facility by applying for the Units offered under the Option(s)/Plan(s) of the Scheme(s) in the ASBA Application Form and following the procedure as prescribed in the form.

  • Supported by lectures and seminars, students will be expected to demonstrate a range of creative ideas and solutions in the formulation of future project objectives.

  • A “medically accepted indication” is a use of the drug that is either:• Approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the diagnosis or condition for which it is being prescribed.• — or — Supported by certain references, such as the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information and the DRUGDEX Information System.

  • Applications Supported by block the Amount”or “ASBA” : An application containing an authorization given by the Investor toapplication money in his specified bank account towards the subscription of Units offered during the NFO of the Scheme.

  • Turnover and liquid Assets Supported by Audited Accounts for the previous two (2) years4.

  • Supported by a dedicated Protect Scotland website, the app is an extra tool complementing existing person-to-person contact tracing which remains the main component of NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect system.

Related to Supported by

  • Supported QFC has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.21.

  • ACCEPTED BY Accepted by: Ohio Department of Taxation Print Taxpayer Name Xxxxxxx X. XxXxxxx, Tax Commissioner Signature Name Title

  • Supporter means an adult who has entered into a

  • Supported means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-4a-101.

  • Forum means any federal, state, local, municipal, or foreign court, governmental agency, administrative body or agency, tribunal, private alternative dispute resolution system, or arbitration panel.

  • Covered By means a claim or claims within any pending or issued patent included in the Patent Rights claiming all, a portion, or a component or step of a Licensed Process, Licensed Product, or Licensed Service.

  • return decision means an administrative or judicial decision or act, stating or declaring the stay of a third-country national to be illegal and imposing or stating an obligation to return;

  • Crew Support Costs means all expenses of a general nature which are not particularly referable to any individual vessel for the time being managed by the Managers and which are incurred by the Managers for the purpose of providing an efficient and economic management service and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, shall include the cost of crew standby pay, training schemes for officers and ratings, cadet training schemes, sick pay, study pay, recruitment and interviews.

  • Request for Exclusion means a Class Member’s submission of a written request to be excluded from the Class Settlement signed by the Class Member.

  • Support Request means a request for assistance received by Blackboard's Service Desk and/or Service Desk Infrastructure from an Authorized User, such as any answered phone call, answered email, or answered chat.

  • Ready-to-eat food means food that is in a form that is edible without washing, cooking, or additional preparation by the food establishment or the consumer and that is reasonably expected to be consumed in that form. Ready-to-eat food includes:

  • Professional Fee Claims means all Administrative Claims for the compensation of Professionals and the reimbursement of expenses incurred by such Professionals through and including the Effective Date to the extent such fees and expenses have not been paid pursuant to the Interim Compensation Order or any other order of the Bankruptcy Court. To the extent the Bankruptcy Court denies or reduces by a Final Order any amount of a Professional’s requested fees and expenses, then the amount by which such fees or expenses are reduced or denied shall reduce the applicable Professional Fee Claim.

  • Provisional ballot envelope means an envelope printed in the form required by

  • Subject Matter Experts has the meaning set forth in Section II.A.2.

  • Issued By Xxxxxxx X. Drom Effective: November 10, 2000 Vice President, General Counsel Issued On: November 9, 2000 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Original Sheet No. 45 First Revised Rate Schedule FERC No. 24

  • Professional Fee Claim means a Claim by a professional seeking an award by the Bankruptcy Court of compensation for services rendered or reimbursement of expenses incurred through and including the Confirmation Date under sections 330, 331, 503(b)(2), 503(b)(3), 503(b)(4), or 503(b)(5) of the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Subject Matter Expert means a person who has working or expert knowledge about a particular topic or field.

  • Supported Hardware means the hardware and platforms that are listed at (i) xxxxx:// and xxxx:// for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Subscriptions, (ii) xxxx:// for Red Hat JBoss Middleware Subscriptions, and (iii) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Gluster Storage Subscriptions and (iv) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Ceph Storage Subscriptions. “Evaluation Subscriptions” are Subscription Services provided for the sole purpose of evaluating the suitability of the Subscription Services for your future purchase from Red Hat or through one of our authorized Business Partners (“Evaluation Purposes”), and not for Production Purposes, Development Purposes or any other purpose. “Support Contact(s)” is a person authorized by you to open support requests and/or contact Red Hat support personnel.

  • MiFID II means Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on markets in financial instruments.

  • Authorized By s/Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx ACCEPTED: ___/s/Xxx O’Donnell_______ Fund Officer State Street Vice President Authorization Matrix Explanation of Fields Client: Indicate the name of the Client and the Fund name or if multiple funds, attach a list of fund names Primary Source: Indicate the primary source for prices for the security type. If an Investment Manager is a pricing source, please specify explicitly.

  • Support Classes As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

  • Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction.

  • the decisions means the decisions of the CMA on the questions which it is required to answer by virtue of section 35 of the Act;

  • Investor Q&A Forum As defined in Section 4.02(a) of this Agreement.

  • key decision * means an executive decision which is likely to:

  • Expert is defined in Section 7.9 of this Agreement.