Supervisory staff definition

Supervisory staff means a staff person whose primary duties may include, but are not limited to, scheduling and evaluating subordinate staff, providing on-the-job training, making recommendations for promotion, hiring and discharge of subordinate staff, recommending disciplinary actions, and overseeing subordinate staff work. Supervisory staff may be included in the youth to supervision staff ratio when performing duties of direct youth supervision.
Supervisory staff means any staff member who has the responsibility to oversee the work of another staff member or prisoner or groups of staff or prisoners and includes anyone that NJDOC designates as having the responsibility to oversee the work of another staff member and/or prisoner or group of staff and/or prisoners.
Supervisory staff means those occupants of a building who have some delegated responsibility for the fire safety of other occupants under the fire safety plan.

Examples of Supervisory staff in a sentence

  • The contractor shall maintain establishment at Kamand or Salgito include office and Supervisory staff as considered necessary for ensuring prompt and timely provision of housekeeping services as stipulated and close coordination with IIT Mandi.

  • The Security services in all the areas and verifications specified in Annexure I shall be inspected by the Supervisory staff of the Hospital nominated by the Superintendent of the Hospital, consisting of RMO's, HOD's, Civil Surgeons and Asst.

  • Perform any duty, not specifically assigned, as deemed necessary by the business manager, assigned Supervisor, other Central Office Supervisory staff, Superintendent and/or School Board.


  • Performs other tasks and assumes additional responsibilities as the School Board, Superintendent, Business Manager, assigned Supervisor, other Central Office Supervisory staff may assign.

More Definitions of Supervisory staff

Supervisory staff means Investmentssupervisory oversight team; “TCF” means Treating Customers Fairly;
Supervisory staff means the Firmssupervisory oversight team; “TCF” means Treating Customers Fairly;
Supervisory staff means those persons with the responsibility, authority, and training to provide direct supervision to camper groups. This may include counselors, junior counselors, general activity leaders or other staff who provide supervision to campers without assistance.
Supervisory staff means those individualsexercising supervisory control and who are responsible for the activities and/or work performance of Employees falling within the ambit of such control. Individuals occupying a position such as assistant manager or higher in the administration function, charge hand or higher in the engineering function, chief inspector or higher in the traffic function, chief operator or higher in the traffic control function or assistant chief ticket office clerk or higher in the revenue receiving function fall within the definition of this category of staff;
Supervisory staff means Managers, Overseers and monthly paid Drivers.