SUMA definition

SUMA means the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association operating as Municipalities of Saskatchewan.

Examples of SUMA in a sentence

  • In addition this RFP is intended to include current and potential Members of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), and their represented Associations (SARM, SUMA and AMM).

  • At SUMA, the Town won a $250 gift certificate towards a SaskTel SecurTek package.

  • This is who the Town used previously and offers a discount under SUMA.

  • For Canadian entities: This RFP is intended to include municipalities and publicly-funded academic institutions, school boards, health authorities, and social services (MASH sectors); including members of the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), and their represented Associations: Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), and Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM).

  • Simplified intersubject averaging on the cortical surface using SUMA.


  • In that light, a series of proposals were advanced to strengthen a proactive approach for IASC to accelerate the development of common services, such as the Humanitarian Common Services matrix approach, and apply PAHO’s Humanitarian Supply Management System (SUMA) world-wide, as well as undertake an awareness campaign on their relevance to all humanitarian actors.

  • If a Contractor elects to use a trailer, it is at no cost to the Owner.1.05 MOBILIZATION – LUMP SUMA.

  • Programming implemented at SUMA shall be in keeping the Mississippi United Methodist Conference’s Core Values of Love, Generosity, Justice, and Apprenticeship.

  • Budgetary Controls Although MPHA presents budgetary data at a lower level on the accompanying schedules, MPHA’s MTW Agreement eliminates any restriction to transfer funds among MTW program areas, among asset management projects, and between line items.

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