Stride definition

Stride means Stride Consulting LLC.

Examples of Stride in a sentence

Stride 1During the later part of the hindlimb push-off, dogs stepped forward with one or both forelimbs.

Push-off Stride 1 Stride 280 75 70 Angle (deg)65 60 55 50 450–20 20–40 40–60 60–80 80–100% of stance Fig.

All infractions will be reported to the jury.310.2.2 Classical Technique310.2.2.1 Classical technique includes the Diagonal Stride techniques, the double poling with or without diagonal kick, herringbone without a gliding phase and turning techniques.310.2.2.2 Diagonal Stride technique is comprised of alternating diagonal movements of both arms and legs and includes diagonal stride and herringbone tech- niques without a gliding phase.

Stride length, vx,CoM/f, was 15% shorter on the granular surface (ANCOVA, P<0.05).

Measurable Objective 1:A 10% increase of All Students will demonstrate a proficiency in mathematical computation and problem solving in Mathematics by 05/28/2015 as measured by state sponsered assessments such as ACT Aspire and Global Scholar, Stride Academy, and regular classroom assessments.