STM-1 definition

STM-1 means a 155.520 Mbits per second both way digital line section between two interfaces on the Project, together with such interfaces, in accordance with the International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector (previously known as CCITT) recommendations and shall mean the minimum unit in which Capacity is disposed of from time to time.
STM-1 means a l55.22OMbps/sec both way digital line section passing between two System Interface Points, together with the interconnection interfaces pertaining thereto, in accordance with ITU- TS recommendations.
STM-1 means 155 Mbit/second full duplex digital line passing between the two Xxxxxxxx’ Network Interface Points set forth on Exhibit B and compliant with ITU-T standards, together with the interconnection interfaces pertaining thereto. Each STM-1 shall have a particular circuit ID on the Xxxxxxxx’ Network.

Examples of STM-1 in a sentence

  • The primary distribution system consists of two STM-1 microwave radio circuits with two radial spurs.

  • Yaira Obstbaum and Tomi Lintonen wrote the Introduction and Discussion sections.

  • Tested to Bellcore GR-253 and ITU-T G.957 Specifications for SONET OC-3/SDH STM-1 applications.

  • As a result, the subsidiary company entered into an agreement with Optus Networks Pty Limited to lease IRU network capacity for a period of 3 years (for IP Transit) and 12 years (for STM-1 and STM-4) via Australia and USA links.

  • Physical section layers Dependent on the customer's choice, the NTP of the SDH leased line shall be provided with one of the following interfaces: • STM-1 electrical interface; • STM-1 optical interface at 1310 nm.

More Definitions of STM-1

STM-1 means a 155.220 Mbit/sec bi-directional digital line section passing between two system interface points, (i.e., the Terminal Points set out in Schedule 1), together with the interconnection interfaces pertaining thereto (this supports end to end transport of a VC4), in accordance with ITU-TS recommendations.
STM-1 means a digital loop of 155,520,000 bit/sec digital line section in each direction with an interface in accordance with ITU-T Recommendations G.707 "Network Node Interface for Synchronous Digital Hierarchy" Issue 1996 (STM-1).
STM-1 means inventory held for sale (i) in connection with the Japan-US cable consortium, 180 synchronous transport modules and (ii) in connection with the TAT-14 cable consortium, 196 synchronous transport modules.
STM-1 means Synchronous Transport Module 1, which is the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy "SDH" standard for transmission over OC-3 optical fiber at 155.52 Mbpsi'STM4" means Synchronous Transport Module 4, the SDH standard for transmission over OC-12 optical fiber at 622.08 Mbps. "Unprotected (1±0)" refers to an unprotected Circuit, which operates without redundant electronics and will have an annual system availability of ninety-nine percent (99%) or better. The Customer interface consists of a transmit and receive two (2) fiber interface for a working (WK) system. List of Exhibits Exhibit A Private Line Outage Policy Exhibit B Private Line Services Rates Exhibit C Private line Services Ancillary Pricing Exhibit A—Private Line Outage Policy Service Level Agreement for Domestic and International Private Line Services