Staffed beds definition

Staffed beds means that portion of the licensed or approved beds that are immediately available to be occupied. Beds which are not available due to lack of staffing or renovation are excluded from this category.

Examples of Staffed beds in a sentence

  • Staffed beds represent the number of beds available for use based on required staffing levels.

  • Staffed beds reported are the average number of staffed beds with sufficient staff to be occupied by patients during the fiscal year.

  • Staffed beds are those beds set up, staffed, equipped and in all respects ready for use by patients remaining in the hospital overnight.

  • Staffed beds include those that are occupied and those that are vacant Unstaffed Beds: Beds that are licensed and physically available and have no current staff on hand to attend to a patient who would occupy the bed. Occupied Beds: Beds that are licensed, physically available, staffed, and occupied by a patient Vacant/Available Beds: Beds that are vacant and to which patients can be transported immediately.

  • Staffed beds are defined as available beds for patients given current staffing in the reporting period.

  • Staffed beds figures are from OSHPD HAFD 1998 - 2001.The financial indicators illustrated above—Tenet’s fast growing DSH payments, the larger amounts it receives from DSH relative to the size of its hospitals and relative to the cost of operating them—all contribute to the high profitability of Tenet’s DSH hospitals.

  • Staffed beds are the number of beds regularly available (those set-up and staffed) at the end of the reporting period.

  • Staffed beds convey information about the capacity of the hospital while net assets contain information about the level of investment.Hofler and Folland (1991) find differences in costs related to proportion of Medicare patients.

  • Staffed beds as a percentage of licensed beds was 92%.Our current construction of the hospital tower will quadruple our Emergency department and expand our surgical suite, meeting state mandated seismic requirements and also increasing healthcare access for our community.

  • Staffed beds are beds that are licensed and set up with staff on hand to attend to the patient who occupies the bed.

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