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STACKS or “chimney” means any vertical structure incorporated into a building, or upon an outdoor solid fuel-fired heating device, and enclosing a flue or flues that carry off smoke or exhaust from a solid fuel-fired heating device; especially that part of such a struc- ture extending above a roof.
STACKS has the meaning set forth in the Trust Agreement.
STACKS has the meaning specified in the Trust Agreement.

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  • UNIT-II: STACKS AND QUEUESTemplates in C++, Template Functions- Using Templates to Represent Container Classes, The Stack Abstract Data Type, The Queue Abstract Data Type, Subtyping and Inheritance in C++, Evaluation of Expressions, Expression- Postfix Notation- Infix to Postfix.

  • MODULE 2: STACKS AND QUEUESADT Stack and its operations: Algorithms and their complexity analysis, Applications of Stacks: Expression Conversion and evaluation – corresponding algorithms and complexity analysis.

  • Spares Matrices, Introduction- Sparse Matrix Representation- Transposing a Matrix- Matrix Multiplication, Representation of Arrays.UNIT-II: STACKS AND QUEUESThe Stack Abstract Data Type, The Queue Abstract Data Type, Evaluation of Expressions, Expression- Postfix Notation- Infix to Postfix.


  • BREAKING OF STACKS AND RESTACKING:-The contractor shall as and when required remove bags from any stack(s) in the godown and restack in the same or another godown into 10, 16, 20 or beyond 20 high.


  • Working season / operation : Whole year / Seasonal (Specify the period)10.Details of STACK:S T A C K Nos.a)Attached to:1234b)c)Fuel typeFuel quantity::d)e)Material of constructionStack height:i)Above the roof (in mtrs.):ii)Above the ground (in mtrs.):f)Diameters / size, in meters:g)Gas quantity (m3 / hr.):h)Gas temperature (oC):i)Exit gas velocity, m/sec.:11.

  • Also with cancellation of the reservation by the guest the agreed price is entitled to the hotel basically.

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE STACKS TOKENSSummaryThe Stacks Tokens are the native tokens of the Blockstack network.


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STACKS has the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.
STACKS means an undivided beneficial interest in the assets of the Issuer Trust, having an Initial Liquidation Amount of $1,000 and having the rights provided therefor in this Trust Agreement, including the right to receive Distributions and a Liquidation Distribution as provided herein.

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  • PNode has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.

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