Specified Budget definition

Specified Budget means the amount stated in any Advertising Contract as the ‘Specified Budget’.
Specified Budget means the amount stated in any Advertising Contract as the ‘Specified Budget’. “Specified Period” means the period stated in any Advertising Contract as the ‘Specified Period’.
Specified Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 3.4 of this Agreement.

Examples of Specified Budget in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent any other provision in this Agreement requires compliance with an Approved Budget or any Specified Budget Line Item, such compliance shall be required as to the Approved Budget or such Specified Budget Line Item specifically and only to the extent permitted in the Current Period of such Approved Budget, without giving effect to any variance not otherwise specified in such provision.

  • As set out in relation to Amended Standard Condition 4, modifications will be necessary to thisAmended Standard Condition to accommodate the following: ♦ the creation of a reasonable endeavours obligation on frequency of changes and that reasonable endeavours should be used to ensure that all changes are effected on a specified date in the year (for instance, 1 October); and ♦ the involvement of the JO in the process for amending the methodologies.

  • In addition to completing the application form, the project coordinator should include at least the following attachments:• Specified Budget using the budget form template available on our website;• Letters of commitment stating the commitment of co-financing and the amount of the in cash/in kind contribution of each party involved.

  • She continued to insist that her original distance estimate was a mistake.

Related to Specified Budget

  • Approved Budget means an annual budget-

  • CapEx Budget means the annual budget for the Asset Entities taken as a whole covering the planned Capital Expenditures for the period covered by such budget. The CapEx Budget shall not include Capital Expenditures consisting of discretionary expenditures made to acquire fee or easement interests with respect to any Ground Lease Site or Easement Site, or non-recurring expenditures made to enhance the Operating Revenues of a Tower Site.

  • Budget means a resource, expressed in financial terms, proposed by the Board for the purpose of carrying out, for a specific period, any or all of the functions of the Trust.

  • Annual Budget means the budget approved by the municipal council for any particular financial year, and shall include any adjustments to such budget.

  • Initial Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 6.4(a).

  • Business Plan means the information required to be supplied to the

  • Research Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

  • Annual Operating Budget as defined in Section 6.2(c).