Software Warranty definition

Software Warranty has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 8.1.
Software Warranty means the warranty obligations of TN as described in Clause 16;
Software Warranty means the Software Warranty set forth in Section 14.7.

Examples of Software Warranty in a sentence

  • The firm prices include the warranty during the Software Warranty Period.

  • If the Software has a defect or fails to conform to the Software Warranty during the Software Warranty Period, at Buyer’s option, Seller shall promptly repair or replace the Software.

  • If Seller provides Software as part of the Products, then both during and following the expiration of the Software Warranty Period, Seller shall provide the following support services for Buyer and Buyer’s Customers with respect to the Software.

  • The remainder of your one year software warranty will then apply to that version of the software.An official statement of these warranties, including important limitations, is spelled out in section 3.3 on page 20, The Software Warranty and section 3.4 on page 21, Hardware Warranty.

  • If Customer reports to Sage in writing within the Software Warranty Period any nonconformity between the Documentation and the Software (a “Warranty Claim”), and if Sage is able to replicate and verify that such nonconformity exists, Sage shall attempt to correct such nonconformity and supply Customer with such correction at no additional cost.

  • If such efforts are unsuccessful and the nonconformity is material, Customer’s sole remedy for a breach of the warranty described in this section 5.1 shall be as follows: Customer may terminate this Agreement, discontinue use of, and return or destroy all copies of the Software, and Sage will ensure that Customer receives a refund of the fees paid for the Software or the Maintenance Software (as applicable) during the applicable Software Warranty Period.

  • The “Product Warranty Period” shall mean the Hardware Warranty Period or the Software Warranty Period, as applicable.

  • The firm prices include the warranty during the Software Warranty Period and maintenance and support during the Software Support Period (including for any additional licenses purchased during the Contract Period).

  • The Software Warranty does not apply to: (a) Software that has been modified by any party other than Proofpoint; or (b) Software that has been improperly installed or used in a manner other than as authorized under the Agreement to the extent such modification(s) or improper installation cause the Software to be nonconforming.

  • This Software Warranty shall not apply to alleged defects that the Contractor demonstrates to be in or otherwise attributable to the Purchaser furnished property as determined, tested, and verified by the tests and procedures set forth in this Contract.

More Definitions of Software Warranty

Software Warranty has the meaning set forth in Section 13.4.
Software Warranty is defined in Section 4.1 (Software Warranty).
Software Warranty subsection 1 to exclude Software provided pursuant to Exhibit B1 Section 9.12.1 is hereby amended by adding the following sentence: The terms of this Section 9.12.1 shall not be applicable to any Software provided pursuant to Exhibit B1.
Software Warranty is defined in subsection 18.3. -----------------
Software Warranty is defined in Section 5.1 (Software Warranty).

Related to Software Warranty

  • Licensed Software includes error corrections, upgrades, enhancements or new releases, and any deliverables due under a maintenance or service contract (e.g., patches, fixes, PTFs, programs, code or data conversion, or custom programming).

  • Third Party Software means software which is proprietary to any third party (other than an Affiliate of the Contractor) which is or will be used by the Contractor for the purposes of providing the Services.

  • SAP Software means: (i) any and all software products and Cloud Services licensed to Customer under the License Agreement as specified in software order forms or Cloud Service Order Forms (or other order forms, schedules or appendices as applicable) thereto; (ii) any new releases, updates or versions thereof made available through unrestricted shipment pursuant to the respective support agreement or warranty obligation and (iii) any complete or partial copies of any of the foregoing.

  • Supported Software means the supported software identified in the Proposal. System means the designated information technology environment in which the Software is to be used. Term means the term of this Agreement specified in clause 2.

  • Custom Software means Software identified as such in Appendix 4 of the Contract Agreement and such other Software as the parties may agree in writing to be Custom Software.

  • Client Software means software that allows a Device to access or utilize the services or functionality provided by the Server Software.

  • Software Product means any COTS which you propose to provide pursuant to the contract.

  • Commercial Software means Software developed or regularly used that: (i) has been sold, leased, or licensed to the general public; (ii) has been offered for sale, lease, or license to the general public; (iii) has not been offered, sold, leased, or licensed to the public but will be available for commercial sale, lease, or license in time to satisfy the delivery requirements of this Contract; or (iv) satisfies a criterion expressed in (i), (ii), or (iii) above and would require only minor modifications to meet the requirements of this Contract.

  • Company Software means the Company Licensed Software and the Company Proprietary Software.

  • Software License Agreement means the Motorola Software License Agreement (Exhibit A).

  • Owned Software has the meaning specified in Section 5.11(g).