SMP Operator definition

SMP Operator means an operator of terrestrial public mobile networks which has been designated as having significant market power in accordance with Article 16 of Directive 2002/21/EC in a market for the termination of calls on such network in the Member State concerned;

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An SMP Operator meeting the ICOL Compliance Triggers set out above will be considered to be in compliance for the purposes of ECA Section 73(5)(a) only.

The drafts will be reviewed by the Authority and each SMP Operator will be required to publish the draft on its website and hold a consultation on the draft RAIO with interested parties under the Authority’s supervision over a one month period), with copies of any written comments and responses to be provided to the Authority.

These procedures should clearly set out: The types of information that are considered commercially sensitive for the purpose of the procedures. The permitted purposes for which the SMP Operator may use commercially sensitive information. Limitations on the disclosure of such information.

The CEO and executive responsible for Wholesale services of each SMP Operator shall execute and file with the Authority a semi-annual declaration confirming that adequate physical, technical and/or organizational measures are in place and that reasonable training and notice have been provided to relevant personnel.

This allows competing operators to have confidence that an SMP Operator is not unduly discriminating between itself and competing operators or between one competitor and another when providing similar services.