Shuttle Driver definition

Shuttle Driver s License” means a license issued pursuant to this By-law which gives authority to drive a Shuttle in the City;

Examples of Shuttle Driver in a sentence

  • Transportation Employee for this definition shall be: Bus Driver, Bus Attendant, ESE Shuttle Driver.

  • There are no other Paratransit Shuttle Driver positions in the District.

  • Motion & VotingAuthorize the elimination of two Paratransit Shuttle Driver positions at West Los Angeles College occupied by EN 811305 and EN 1001136 due to lack of work, and authorize the Chancellor to issue layoff notices to the two employees in accordance with applicable provisions of the Education Code, rules and regulations of the District and the Personnel Commission, and collective bargaining agreement.

  • Drivers hourly rates of pay: (includes Shuttle Driver) Effective June per hour Drivers mileage rates of pay: Effective June per mile Team Driver rates of pay: If team Drivers are instituted over the period of this agreement, rates of pay will then be negotiated between the Company and the Union.

  • This proposal would remove the former section to allow discretion over which street and alley closures require TRC review since many street and alley closures involve paper streets and do not necessitate technical review.

  • Drivers hourly rates of pay: (includes Shuttle Driver) Effective June per hour Drivers mileage rates of pay: Effective June per mile All mileage payments will be based on the Practical Route.

  • Mr. Washington has logged thousands of miles as a Shuttle Driver for Skookum without one Accident or Incident, driving in tight places and the elements.

  • Any claims that arise from vehicle accidents that occur while volunteering for the Village Shuttle Driver Program must be reported and handled in accordance with the Ohio Vehicle Code and other relevant statutes.

  • HS Volleyball coach; Deanna Thies and Terry Schoenfeld, PS/AK/TK route drivers; Roger Walter, AM Route and Shuttle Driver; Skylar Sanford, Asst.

  • The Company will reimburse the Service Advisors, Parts Personnel, Shipper\Receiver and Shuttle Driver, up to the sum of one hundred, twenty- five dollars ($125.00), once during the life of the Agreement.

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  • The driver s ocular points" means two points 65 mm apart and 635 mm vertically above point R of the driver's seat as defined in Annex 8. The straight line joining these points runs perpendicular to the vertical longitudinal median plane of the vehicle. The centre of the segment joining the two ocular points is in a vertical longitudinal plane which shall pass through the centre of the driver's designated seating position, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Taxicab driver means an individual who uses a taxicab to provide transportation services to potential passengers.

  • Landing means the level portion of a stairs located between flights of stairs or located at the top and foot of a stairs.

  • Summer Season in any year, means the Season commencing on 01 April in that year;

  • Sailboat means the same as that term is defined in Section 73-18-2.

  • Transportation network company driver means an individual who satisfies all of the following:

  • Qard means a contract of lending money whereby the borrower is obliged to repay the equivalent amount to lender.

  • Summer Session means the time including all academic offerings during the pre-session, the regular four- week and eight-week sessions, and the post-session.

  • Single Phase Aerosol Air Freshener means an aerosol air freshener with the liquid contents in a single homogeneous phase and which does not require that the product container be shaken before use.

  • Pilot or "Payment in Lieu of Tax" shall mean any payment made to the Agency or an affected tax jurisdiction equal to all or a portion of the real property taxes or other taxes which would have been levied by or on behalf of an affected tax jurisdiction with respect to a project but for tax exemption obtained by reason of the involvement of the Agency in such project, but such term shall not include Agency fees.

  • Waterworks or “water system” means all structures, conduits and appurtenances by means of which water is delivered to consumers except piping and fixtures inside buildings served, and service pipes from building to street main.

  • Double Phase Aerosol Air Freshener means an aerosol air freshener with the liquid contents in two or more distinct phases that requires the product container be shaken before use to mix the phases, producing an emulsion.

  • Drywell means an unlined or partially lined underground pit (regardless of geometry) into which drainage from roofs, basement floors, water softeners or other non-wastewater sources is discharged and from which the liquid seeps into the surrounding soil.

  • Dewatering means the removal of water for construction activity. It can be a discharge of appropriated surface or groundwater to dry and/or solidify a construction site. It may require Minnesota Department of Natural Resources permits to be appropriated and if contaminated may require other MPCA permits to be discharged.

  • Campsite means any place where any bedding, sleeping bag, or other material used for bedding purposes, or any stove or fire is placed, established or maintained for the purpose of maintaining a temporary place to live, whether or not such place incorporates the use of any tent, lean-to, shack, or any other structure, or any vehicle or part thereof.

  • Playground means a public outdoor recreation area for children, usually equipped with swings, slides, and other playground equipment, owned and/or managed by a city, county, state, or federal government.

  • Houseboat means a powered vessel containing living accommodation, usually flat- bottomed and used in navigation.

  • townsite in relation to the townsite to be established near the harbour means a townsite (whether or not constituted and defined under section 10 of the Land Act) primarily to facilitate the Company’s operations in and near the harbour and for employees of the Company and in relation to the mining areas means such a townsite or townsites or any other townsite or townsites which is or are established by the Company for the purposes of its operations and employees on or near the mining areas in lieu of a townsite constituted and defined under section 10 of the Land Act;

  • Roomer means a person occupying a dwelling unit that lacks a major bathroom or kitchen facility, in a structure where one or more major facilities are used in common by occupants of the dwelling unit and other dwelling units. Major facility in the case of a bathroom means toilet, or either a bath or shower, and in the case of a kitchen means refrigerator, stove or sink.

  • Junkyard means an establishment or place of business which is maintained, operated or used for storing, keeping, buying or selling junk, or for the maintenance or operation of an automobile graveyard, including garbage dumps and sanitary fills.

  • River means a flowing body of water or a portion or tributary of a flowing body of water, including streams, creeks, or impoundments and small lakes thereon.

  • carriageway means a portion of thoroughfare that is improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic and includes the shoulders, and areas, including embayments, at the side or centre of the carriageway, used for the stopping or parking of vehicles; and where a thoroughfare has two or more of those portions divided by a median strip, the expression means each of those portions, separately;

  • School Site means the land set aside for each type of school, such as Elementary, Junior High, Senior High operated by the School Board, including but not limited to municipal school reserve;

  • Seaplane means an aircraft that is capable of landing and taking off on the water.

  • Airport lounge means a business location:

  • Stormwater management planning area means the geographic area for which a stormwater management planning agency is authorized to prepare stormwater management plans, or a specific portion of that area identified in a stormwater management plan prepared by that agency.