Sheltering definition

Sheltering means the use of a structure for radiation protection from an airborne plume containing radioactive material.
Sheltering means housing that provides short-term refuge and life-sustaining services for disaster survivors who have been displaced from their homes and are unable to meet their own immediate post-disaster housing needs and is accomplished through use of fabric structures, tents and similar accommodations.¶
Sheltering means housing that provides short‐term refuge and life‐sustaining services for

Examples of Sheltering in a sentence

Sheltering, raising, handling, processing or sale of agricultural animals or agricultural animal products.

Review and discuss Disaster Sheltering MOU between Bell County and Brazoria County.

Upon receiving instruction from local, county or state governmental emergency response agencies the Superintendent shall notify the Building Administrator(s) of the need to initiate the Sheltering Plan.

Sheltering or offsetting income otherwise subject to Federal income tax in this manner is known as “earnings stripping.” Several provisions of present law limit taxpayers’ ability to strip earnings.

Kaye, Sheltering Social Policy in the Tax Code: The Low-Income Housing Credit, 38 VILL.

Pet Sheltering Costs: Disaster Assistance Policy (DAP) 9523.19 FEMA Disaster Assistance Policy (DAP) 9523.19 details eligible reimbursements related to pet sheltering including: shelter facilities, supplies and commodities, eligible labor, equipment, emergency veterinary services, transportation, shelter safety and security, cleaning and restoration, and the removal and disposal of animal carcasses.

Sheltering off site may be required when students and staff cannot remain in the building or on school grounds but also cannot be dismissed.

Evacuation, Sheltering, Temporary Housing, and Permanent HousingEvacuation routes, sheltering measures, temporary housing, and permanent housing must all be in place and available for public awareness to protect residents, mitigate risk, and relocate residents, if necessary, to maintain post-disaster social and economic stability.

Sheltering, Staging, Cranage and Transportation: include the cost of all sheltering, staging including handrails, cranage and transportation to carry out the Work as specified.

This includes Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) and Lodging Expense Reimbursement.

More Definitions of Sheltering

Sheltering means using a structure for radiation protection from an airborne plume containing radioac- tive material.
Sheltering or ‘harbouring’ means to harbour, provide with shelter to or assist in any other means, any person in order to sell or traffic that person inside or outside of the country, and shall also include the meanings for which the term ‘harbour’ has been used in section 52A of the Penal Code, 1860.
Sheltering means to seek shelter (usually in your own home) and remain there during an emergency rather than evacuating the area. During a pandemic, individuals acting out of their own interest would limit their social interaction so they are not exposed to illness. During a pandemic, “sheltering” may be nec- essary for a period of days or weeks, so it is extremely important that families stock their homes to accommodate a lengthy period of sheltering.
Sheltering or “keeping” means to provide structures or bedding to wild animals.
Sheltering means keeping students in school buildings and providing them with shelter when it is deemed safer for students to remain inside rather than to return home or be evacuated.

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Shelter means the temporary care of children in physically unrestricted facilities pending court adjudication or disposition.
shoring means a system used to support the sides of an excavation and which is intended to prevent the cave-in or the collapse of the sides of an excavation;
Dewatering means the removal of water for construction activity. It can be a discharge of appropriated surface or ground water to dry and/or solidify a construction site. It may require Minnesota Department of Natural Resources permits to be appropriated and if contaminated may require other MPCA permits to be discharged.
Loitering means remaining idle in essentially one location and shall include but shall not be limited to, the concept of spending time idly; to be dilatory; to linger; to stay; to delay; to stand around and shall also include the colloquial expression “hanging around”.
Eating means feeding oneself by getting food into the body from a receptacle (such as a plate, cup or table) or by a feeding tube or intravenously.
Homeless shelter means a facility providing temporary housing and services for homeless persons.
blindness means a condition where a person has any of the following conditions, after best correction—
Stabling means the parking or laying up of the Specified Equipment or such other railway vehicles as the Train Operator is permitted by this contract to use on the Network, such parking or laying up being necessary or reasonably required for giving full effect to the movements of Specified Equipment required for the provision of the Services;
Deaf-blindness means concomitant hearing and visual impairments, the combination of which causes such severe communication and other developmental and educational problems that they cannot be accommodated in special education programs solely for students with deafness or students with blindness.
Shelter care means the temporary care of children in physically unrestricting facilities.
Pruning means to remove branches from healthy vegetation in a manner that is acceptable using the natural method under the standards and guidelines listed in24VAC30-200-40 published by the American National Standards Institute, the American Association of Nurserymen, and the International Society of Arboriculture.
Blind means a person with central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with use of corrective lens or visual field restriction to 20 degrees or less.
Fitting means everything used, designed or intended for use, in or in connection with the generation, conversion, transformation, conveyance or use of electricity;
Animal shelter means a facility which is used to house or contain dogs or cats, or both, and which is owned, operated, or maintained by an incorporated humane society, animal welfare society, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or other nonprofit organization devoted to the welfare, protection, and humane treatment of such animals.
Automobile headliner adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond together layers in motor vehicle headliners.
Clear-cutting means the harvest of timber in a fashion which removes all trees down to a two inch diameter at breast height.
Household means a family group living in the same domestic dwelling.
Fabricating means to make, build, create, produce, or assemble components or property to work in a new or different manner.
Appliances means and include electrical, mechanical and electronic appliances such as refrigerator, television, DVD player, videocassette recorder/player, washing machine, microwave oven, music system, personal computer, laptops and air-conditioner contained or fixed in the Insured’s home for domestic use.
Cutting means to penetrate with a sharp-edged instrument and includes sawing, but does not include shearing, slicing, or punching.
Foundation - means the lower portion of a building, usually concrete or masonry, and includes the footings which transfer the weight of and loads on a building to the ground;
Warewashing means the cleaning and sanitizing of utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment.
Wastewater Treatment Works means an arrangement of devices and structures for treating wastewater, industrial wastes, and sludge. Sometimes used as synonymous with "waste treatment plant" or "wastewater treatment plant" or "pollution control plant".
Toileting means getting to and from the toilet, getting on and off the toilet, and performing associated personal hygiene.
Congregation means the Congregation of the University referred to in Statute IV;
Member of the household means any person who resides with the public official.