Sewer Lateral definition

Sewer Lateral means a privately-owned pipeline connecting a property to the District Sewer.
Sewer Lateral means the sewer pipe connecting a structure to a wastewater treatment collection system or a municipal or commercial sewer main line.
Sewer Lateral means a building sewer as defined in the latest edition of the California Plumbing Code. It is the wastewater connection between the building’s wastewater facilities and a public sewer system.

Examples of Sewer Lateral in a sentence

  • Items tentatively scheduled for the next City Council meeting include: Social Media Program Update, Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance, Solid Waste Rate Increase, Spring Street Storm Drain Repair Contract Change Orders and Notice of Completion, Arborist Report regarding the Community Christmas Tree, Pickleball Construction/Tennis Court Resurfacing Proposal, LLMD Intent to Levy, Measure J Report, Investment Report, Vac Truck and Mini Excavator Purchase, and Police and Fire Monthly Stats.

  • In cases where tree roots from a City Tree exist in the Sewer Lateral – Private Portion, the City will only reimburse the Owner or Occupant, as applicable, in accordance with section 12.6. The City’s reimbursement of contractor expenses will be no greater than the amounts set out in the Fees and Charges, less the City’s administration fee.

  • Every Sewer Lateral, throughout its length from the Main Sewer to the building or other place to be drained, is to be laid, as nearly as practicable, in a straight line in a trench at a right angle from the Main Sewer and at a distance of at least 2.5 m from any existing water service pipe that was installed prior to the installation of the Sewer Lateral.

  • Department of Public Works Director Scott Thoresen recommended the Final Resolution Authorizing the Storm Sewer Lateral Construction And Levying Special Assessments Against Benefited Property (Storm Sewer Laterals on Glenwood Avenue from Ridgeway Boulevard to Lawton Place, on Nicolet Avenue from Glenwood Avenue to Randall Avenue and on Lawton Place from Glenwood Avenue to its north end).

  • No Person shall use an existing Sewer Lateral – Public Portion as the outlet for a new Sewer Lateral – Private Portion until it has been determined by a closed-circuit television inspection, that the Sewer Lateral – Public Portion is of adequate size, at a proper depth and grade, connected to the appropriate Main Sewer, and in good condition that is considered acceptable to the General Manager of Public Works.

More Definitions of Sewer Lateral

Sewer Lateral means a pipe or pipes and appurtenances that carry sewage
Sewer Lateral means the portion of pipe between the District sewer main and the coupling at the property owner's point of connection.
Sewer Lateral means the sewer pipe connecting a structure to a wastewater treatment collection
Sewer Lateral means a pipe that connects a property to a public owner's sanitary sewer main line.
Sewer Lateral means a facility operator's end user service
Sewer Lateral means the pipe or conduit that connects the public sewer to the building or structure it serves; ( illustrated for convenience in Schedule “F”)
Sewer Lateral means the sanitary sewer running from the curb line to the main if the sewer is installed within the street cartway. If the sanitary sewer main is installed in the sidewalk area or within the easement area, there is no sewer lateral as defined herein with the exception of the saddle or fitting at the connection point to the main.