Seed definition

Seed means seed in the botanical sense other than seed not intended for planting;
Seed means a type of living embryo or propagule capable of regeneration and giving rise to a plant which is true to such type;
Seed. , notwithstanding IC 15-15-1, means grain set apart to be used primarily for the purpose of producing new plants.

Examples of Seed in a sentence

  • The costs of genebank operations have also increased as a result of additional international requirements for phytosanitary permits as well as the need to manage material transfer agreements and declarations on the presence of GMOs. Additional safety backups at other locations, including the recently constructed Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), have also increased costs.

  • Seed regeneration is one of the most significant factors affecting the overall cost of maintaining an accession.

  • Seed quality is affected by a number of factors including the presence of diseases and insects in the sample (see above) as well as inherent viability as a result of harvesting and seed handling procedures.

  • Seed health-testing is included as a recurring cost as well as an one-off cost to allow for the processing of 90% of the collection that still requires health testing.

More Definitions of Seed

Seed means that part of a plant which is or is intended to be used for propagation and includes any seed, seedling, corm, cutting, bulb, bulbil, layer, marcott, root, runner, scion, set, split, stem, stock, stump, sucker or tuber so used or intended to be so used;
Seed means any agricultural or vegetable seed.
Seed means linseed, rapeseed, the seed of lupins and such other seed as is prescribed;
Seed means any of the following classes of seeds used for sowing or planting-
Seed means agricultural planting seed containing Corteva Sourced Technology sold by Seed Sellers. Seed may contain Third-Party Trait Technology that is subject to the provider’s separate licensing arrangements.
Seed means seed of the Licensed Variety and includes seed that you buy and Retained Seed; “Sell” includes any commercial disposition and the meaning given to it in the PBR Act, and ‘Sale’ has an equivalent meaning; and
Seed means the part of any plant, customarily referred to as seed, intended for planting and includes seed potatoes;