Section 3.9 definition

Section 3.9. Location" means, at any time, any location in the United States owned or leased by the Company where the Company holds Non-Designated Spare Parts (other than any such location with Non-Designated Spare Parts that have an immaterial aggregate System Value) that is not a Designated Location, but which, by operation of Section 3.9 of the Collateral Maintenance Agreement and Section 4.2(b) of the Spare Parts Security Agreement, is expected to become a Designated Location.

Examples of Section 3.9 in a sentence

Within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Award by the Bidder from the Procuring Entity but in no case later than prior to the signing of the Contract by both parties, the successful Bidder shall furnish the performance security in any of the forms prescribed in Section 39 of the 2016 revised IRR of RA No. 9184.

This Act takes effect immediately if it receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.

In such a case only, the provisions of Section 39 will not apply.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any Security shall have been authenticated and delivered hereunder but never issued and sold by the Company, and the Company shall deliver such Security to the Trustee for cancellation as provided in Section 3.9, for all purposes of this Indenture such Security shall be deemed never to have been authenticated and delivered hereunder and shall never be entitled to the benefits of this Indenture.

The provisions of Section 3.9 and Article X shall survive the termination of the Trust.

The repayment of any principal amount of Securities pursuant to such option of the Holder to require repayment of Securities before their Stated Maturity, for purposes of Section 3.9, shall not operate as a payment, redemption or satisfaction of the Indebtedness represented by such Securities unless and until the Company, at its option, shall deliver or surrender the same to the Trustee with a directive that such Securities be cancelled.

If the meeting is adjourned for more than twenty-four (24) hours, then notice of the time and place of the adjourned meeting shall be given before the adjourned meeting takes place, in the manner specified in Section 3.9 of these bylaws, to the directors who were not present at the time of the adjournment.

Subject to paragraph 4, the Licensee shall provide to Monitor written and electronic copies of any document that is required by Monitor for the purpose of Section 39 of the 2006 Act within 28 days of the receipt of the original document by the Licensee.

For the purposes of the arbitration, the arbitrator shall have the power to make provisional awards pursuant to Section 39 of the Arbitration Act 1996.

Within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Award by the Bidder from the Procuring Entity but in no case later than prior to the signing of the Contract by both parties, the successful Bidder shall furnish the performance security in any of the forms prescribed in Section 39 of the 2016 Revised IRR of RA No. 9184.

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Section 4(2) means Section 4(2) under the Securities Act, as the same may be amended from time to time, or any successor statute.
Section 504 means section 504 of the Act.
Section 510(b) Claims means any Claim subject to subordination under section 510(b) of the Bankruptcy Code.
Article 55 BRRD” means Article 55 of Directive 2014/59/EU establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms.
Section 385 Expanded Group shall have the meaning set forth in Treasury Regulation Section 1.385-1(c)(4) for an “expanded group”.
Section 1110 means 11 U.S.C. Section 1110 of the Bankruptcy Code or any successor or analogous section of the federal bankruptcy law in effect from time to time.
Section 404 means Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the SEC’s rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.
Section 404 Report means management’s report on “internal control over financial reporting” as defined by the SEC and the related attestation report of the independent certified public accountant as described in Section 3(A)(1).
Section 510(b) Claim means any Claim arising from rescission of a purchase or sale of an equity security of the Debtors or an Affiliate of the Debtors, for damages arising from the purchase or sale of such an equity security, or for reimbursement or contribution allowed under section 502 of the Bankruptcy Code on account of such a Claim.
Section 102 means section 102 of the Ordinance and any regulations, rules, orders or procedures promulgated thereunder as now in effect or as hereafter amended.
Subsection refer to the respective Sections and Subsections of this Agreement, and references to “Exhibit” or “Schedule” refer to the respective Exhibits and Schedules attached hereto; (iii) wherever the word “include,” “includes” or “including” is used in this Agreement, it will be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation.” All capitalized terms used in this Agreement that are defined in the Purchase Agreement or otherwise defined in Articles 8 or 9 of the Code shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Purchase Agreement or the Code, respectively and as applicable, unless the context of this Agreement requires otherwise. In addition to the capitalized terms defined in the Code and the Purchase Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, when used herein, the following capitalized terms shall have the following meanings (provided that if a capitalized term used herein is defined in the Purchase Agreement and separately defined in this Agreement, the meaning of such term as defined in this Agreement shall control for purposes of this Agreement):
Section means a numbered section of this Agreement, unless another document is specifically referenced.
Paragraph means a portion of this Consent Decree identified by an Arabic numeral or an upper or lower case letter.
Section 336(e) Election has the meaning set forth in Section 7.06.
Section 11(a)(ii) Event means any event described in Section 11(a)(ii) hereof.
Section 16 means Section 16 of the Exchange Act and the rules promulgated thereunder and any successor provision thereto as in effect from time to time.
sentence means any punishment or measure involving deprivation of liberty ordered by a court for a limited or unlimited period of time on account of a criminal offence;
Disclosure Schedule means the Disclosure Schedule attached hereto as Schedule I, as it may be amended, supplemented, amended and restated or otherwise modified from time to time by the Borrower with the written consent of the Required Lenders.
Disclosure Letter the disclosure letter delivered by Seller to Buyer concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Agreement.
Sellers Disclosure Schedule means the disclosure schedule delivered by the Sellers to the Purchaser on the date hereof.
Section 502(b)(10) changes means changes that contravene an express permit term or condition. Such changes do not include changes that would violate applicable requirements or contravene federally enforceable permit terms and conditions that are monitoring (including test methods), recordkeeping, reporting, or compliance certification requirements.
Sections refer to the corresponding Section or Sections of this Agreement. All words used in this Agreement will be construed to be of such gender or number as the circumstances require. Unless otherwise expressly provided, the word "including" does not limit the preceding words or terms.
Sellers Disclosure Letter has the meaning specified in the preamble to Article III.
Gross beta particle activity means the total radioactivity due to beta particle emission as inferred from measurements on a dry sample.
Subsections Paragraphs", and other subdivisions without reference to a document are to designated Articles, Sections, Subsections, Paragraphs and other subdivisions of this Agreement;
Section 338 Forms means all returns, documents, statements, and other forms that are required to be submitted to any federal, state, local or foreign Taxing Authority in connection with a Section 338(h)(10) Election (including, without limitation, any “statement of section 338 election” and IRS Form 8023, together with any schedules or attachments thereto, that are required pursuant to Treasury Regulations under Code Section 338 or 336(e), as applicable).