Definition of Seconds

Seconds shall mean damaged, imperfect, non-first quality or defective Products.
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Seconds means Coaches or Trainers who are certified by USA Boxing and who are allowed to act in the corner of the ring;
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Examples of Seconds in a sentence

At that Joint Planning Meeting, each Party shall provide to the other Party originating Centum Call Seconds (Hundred Call Seconds) information, and the Parties shall mutually agree on the appropriate initial number of Meet Point A (high usage) and Meet Point B (final) Two-Way Interconnection Trunks and the interface specifications at the technically feasible Point(s) of Interconnection on Verizon's network in a LATA at which the Parties interconnect for the exchange of traffic.
Performance is noted in Error Free Seconds (EFS) which are a measure of the percentage of total seconds when measured over a consecutive 24 hour period that do not contain bit errors.
Katz, "Reputations...A Lifetime to Build, Seconds to Destroy": Maximizing Mutually Protective Value of Morals Clauses in Talent Agreements, 20 Cardozo J.
I3S shall exhibit greater than 90% of Customer Calls Answered within 45 Seconds per month.
For Services not on the Williams network, the off-net provider will establish Error Free Seconds.