Schlumberger Group definition

Schlumberger Group means Schlumberger Limited and its Subsidiaries, other than members of the NPTest Group.
Schlumberger Group means Schlumberger and any holding company of Schlumberger and any subsidiary of Schlumberger or of any such holding company (and in this Agreement "subsidiary" and "holding company" shall have the meanings given them by the Companies Act 1985);

Examples of Schlumberger Group in a sentence

Revenue and the related costs are recorded within the respective Schlumberger Group for services and products that each Group provides to Schlumberger’s SPM projects.

Schlumberger Group" has the meaning set forth in the Master Separation and Sale Agreement.

As stated in the letter from the Board in the Circular, the Group has not supplied Products or Services to the Schlumberger Group before.

Transactions between the Group and the Schlumberger Group in 2012 were attributable to contracts entered between the Group and the Schlumberger Group before Schlumberger became a connected person of the Company.

The Group and the Schlumberger Group established a joint venture in September 2012 to provide IPM services.