Sawn definition

Sawn. (in carpentry or formwork) means the same as a rough; "wrot" (or wrought) means planed or finished.
Sawn means illegitimate child and ‘sawn man’ means money that is ^ 40/- paid to the woman with whom a man has a child without getting married;

Examples of Sawn in a sentence

  • All structural timber members subject to weather exposure shall have a durability class rating of 2 or better in accordance with Australian Standard 1684.2-1999 (National Timber Framing Code), or be preservative treated in accordance with Australian Standard 1604-1980 (Preservative Treatment for Sawn Timbers, Veneers and Plywood).

  • NEN 5461 'Quality Requirements for wood – Sawn wood and round wood – General Section' applies with regard to terms, definitions and measuring methods.

  • All beds and joints shall have a "Fine Point or Sawn Finish" for at least 50 mm from the arris lines.

  • When stones project beyond adjoining faces, the fine pointing shall be carried at least 50 mm in from the adjoining surfaces (arris lines of stone or face of concrete).Soffits of ring stones shall be cut to the curve of the arch and shall have a “Fine Point or Sawn Finish” unless otherwise shown on the plans.

  • TABLE 560-1 MASONRY UNITS, SURFACE FINISHFinish NameMaximum Surface ProjectionBeyond Pitch LinesSmooth Finish2 mmFine Point or Sawn Finish6 mmRough Finish13 mmScabbed Finish20 mmSeam and Split Face25 mmRock Face1/10 the vertical height of the individual stoneThermal Finish6 mmNOTE: All faces of Dimension Masonry shall extend to the pitch lines shown on the plans.

  • In 2002 and 2003, 979708 acquired oil and gas prospects in the Sawn Lake area of Alberta.

  • Operating expense related to Andora’s suspended demonstration project facility and wellpair at Sawn Lake Central.

  • ATTENTION!Never disassemble, modify or repair the power cord, plug, devices inside the printer, except as described in the product's manual.

  • Sawn softwood production increased by 1.7% in Europe in 2018, to 112.5 million m3.

  • The Commission shall request the United States of America to provide it with the technical information necessary to allow the Commission to assess the functioning of the Kiln Drying Sawn Hardwood Lumber Certification Program.

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