Definition of RRB Charge

RRB Charge means the portion (which may become all) of the Seller's "stranded cost recovery charge" designated pursuant to the Finance Order and RSA 369- B:2, XIII as the RRB Charge, as the same may be adjusted from time to time as provided in the Finance Order.

Examples of RRB Charge in a sentence

BILLING (a) The Servicer shall implement the RRB Charge as of the Closing Date and shall thereafter bill each customer or the Applicable TPS for each customer's Billed RRB Charges in accordance with the provisions of this Section 4.
Prior to remittance on the applicable Remittance Date, the Servicer may invest RRB Charge Payments at its own risk and for its own benefit, and such investments and funds shall not be required to be segregated from the other investments and funds of the Servicer.
The costs of any such action shall be payable from RRB Charge Collections as an Operating Expense in accordance with the priorities set forth in Section 8.02 of the Indenture.
In accordance with Section 4.03(a) of the Agreement, the Servicer shall remit to the Trustee for deposit in the Collection Account an amount equal to the RRB Charge Payments calculated in accordance with the methodology described in Annex II attached to the Agreement.
The Servicer shall file a Mid-Year Routine True-Up Letter not later than July 15 of each year, if the Servicer reasonably projects that Estimated RRB Charge Payments (without giving effect to the Periodic Adjustments set forth in such Mid-Year Routine True-Up Letter) will be insufficient to cover the Periodic RRB Payment Requirements for the Remittance Period beginning on July 1 of such year.