rolling year definition

rolling year means that when an episode of sickness occurs the manager should review the twelve month period preceding that specific absence.
rolling year means the 12-month period measured backward from the date that leave is requested.
rolling year in this policy, means the twelve (12) month period measured backward from the date an employee uses any FMLA leave. Under the ‘‘rolling’’ twelve (12) month period, each time an employee takes FMLA leave, the remaining leave entitlement would be the balance of the twelve (12) weeks which has not been used during the immediately preceding twelve (12) months.

More Definitions of rolling year

rolling year means, with respect to a given quarter, the period of four (4) consecutive quarters immediately prior to such quarter.

Related to rolling year

  • Operating Year means the calendar year commencing January 1st of each year (including the calendar year within which the Commencement Date occurs) during the Term.

  • Reporting Year means a twelve-month compliance reporting period required under the Applicable Program.

  • Qualifying year means the calendar year to which the qualifying certificate applies.

  • Funding Year means in the case of the first Funding Year, the period commencing on the Effective Date and ending on the following March 31, and in the case of Funding Years subsequent to the first Funding Year, the period commencing on the date that is April 1 following the end of the previous Funding Year and ending on the following March 31;

  • Preceding year means a period of 12 consecutive months fixed by the

  • Crop year means the period beginning with the date insurance attaches and extend- ing through the normal harvest time and will be designated by the calendar year in which the macadamia nuts are normally har- vested.

  • Accounting Year means the financial year commencing from the first day of April of any calendar year and ending on the thirty-first day of March of the next calendar year;

  • Rolling Period means, as of any date, the four Fiscal Quarters ending on or immediately preceding such date.

  • Vesting Year means a unit of Service credited to a Participant pursuant to Section 9.2 for purposes of determining his vested interest in his Account.

  • Calendar Year means each successive period of twelve (12) months commencing on January 1 and ending on December 31.

  • Contract Year means, with respect to the initial Contract Year, the period beginning on the Commercial Operation Date and ending at 12.00 midnight on 31st March of that Fiscal Year. Each successive Contract Year shall coincide with the succeeding Fiscal Year, i.e., a period of twelve months commencing on April 1 and ending on following March 31, except that the final Contract Year shall end on the date of expiry of the Term or on Termination of this Agreement whichever is earlier.

  • Prior Month Receipt Period With respect to each Distribution Date, the calendar month preceding the month in which such Distribution Date occurs.

  • Open Year has the meaning specified in Section 4.01(r)(iii).

  • Sales Year means the calendar year during which the Company sold Cigarettes in a Beneficiary State requiring the deposit of QEF Principal.

  • Calendar means discrete temporal reference system that provides the basis for defining temporal position to a resolution of one day (ISO 19018)

  • Leave Year means the period during which the Agency Worker accrues and may take statutory leave commencing on the date that the Agency Worker starts an Assignment or a series of Assignments;

  • Year means a calendar year.

  • Service Year means fiscal year, except that:

  • Twelve-Month Period means a twelve-month period ending on the first anniversary of the Effective Date or on each subsequent anniversary thereof.

  • Calendar Week means any period of seven days starting with the same day as the first day of the First Assignment;

  • Billing Period means (subject to Article 6.1 of the Agreement) the calendar month ending with the Metering Date. The first Billing Period shall commence from the Commercial Operation Date and end with the Metering Date corresponding to the month in which the Commercial Operation Date occurs.

  • Term Year means a 12-month period beginning on the first day of the Term and each successive 12-month period thereafter.

  • Production Year means the 12- month period between September 1 of one year and August 31 of the following year, inclusive.

  • Calendar Quarter means the respective periods of three (3) consecutive calendar months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

  • Project Year means each period of twelve (12) months during the Contract Period beginning with the Commencement Date; and

  • Model Year means the CI engine manufacturer’s annual production period, which includes January 1st of a calendar year, or if the manufacturer has no annual production period, the calendar year.