Rights violation definition

Rights violation means any act, program, process, method or response, either through commission or omission, infringing upon or limiting an individual’s rights, as defined in this chapter, without due process or without adherence to the emergency restriction policy in this chapter.
Rights violation means any act or omission that deprives a service recipient of human or civil rights, including those rights that are specifically mandated under applicable statutes or regulations. Court ordered restrictions, clinically justified restrictions that are appropriately documented, or licensing regulations subject to a waiver are not considered rights violations within the meaning of this policy.

Examples of Rights violation in a sentence

  • No person shall be subjected to reprisal or harassment because he or she filed a discrimination complaint, participated in or contributed to the identification, investigation, prosecution or resolution of a Civil Rights violation in or by any USDA conducted program or activity; or otherwise aided or supported the enforcement of Federal or USDA Civil Rights laws, rules, regulations or policies.

  • Upper Dublin School Dist., the Court of Appeals held that the district court had erred in failing to require proof of a Bill of Rights violation, but the Merkle majority did not appear to take issue with the district court’s assumption that the plaintiff must establish the common law malicious prosecution elements.

  • Such allegations must be promptly shared with the Human Rights Component for investigation, verification and follow up.- Is expected to be able to recognize a Human Rights violation and be prepared to intervene in accordance with the Mission mandate and Rules of Engagement.- Provides vital support to Human Rights staff through military escort and/or expertise in the conduct of Human Rights investigations.

  • While product IC, as OI, has a direct effect on firm performance, the procedure to achieve an improvement in FP through the development of process IC is mediated by product IC.

  • Subject to Article 6.3, Provider shall defend and indemnify Company with respect to both legal defense and damages against any claim or action of any kind against Company involving an Intellectual Property Rights violation regarding the Provider Technology and/or Documentation, provided that Company has not terminated Services with Provider.

  • Instituted Ombudsman Office to take care of any form of Human Rights violation at workplace.

  • In the singular, it is written Mulubakat.147 For a systematic and detailed account of Human Rights violation in DRC see Garreton (R.), Rapport sur la situation des Droits de l’Homme dans la république démocratique du Congo, Commission des Nations Unies pour les Droits de l’Homme, E/CN.4/2000/42, (18 January 2000).

  • They stated that these facts constitute their Human Rights violation pursuant to the provisions of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights cited above.

  • Duty bearers have to be approached using the Human Rights violation justification, and have to be made accountable to comply! (6, 7) Alleging a “lack of resources” is not a good enough justification by duty bearers not to uphold the rights being violated.

  • The researcher supports one’s freedom to self – determination as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, violation of this right may lead to prosecution by the laws of this country.The Constitution provides rights to freedom and security of the person, which includes the right to be free from all forms of violence.

Related to Rights violation

  • Serious violation means a violation of this act, an order issued pursuant to this act, or a rule or standard promulgated under this act or adopted by reference pursuant to this act for which a substantial probability exists that death or serious physical harm could result from the violation or from a practice, means, method, operation, or process that is in use, unless the employer did not and could not, with the exercise of reasonable diligence, know of the presence of the violation.

  • Remedy a Violation means to bring the structure or other development into compliance with State and community floodplain management regulations, or, if this is not possible, to reduce the impacts of its noncompliance. Ways that impacts may be reduced include protecting the structure or other affected development from flood damages, implementing the enforcement provisions of the ordinance or otherwise deterring future similar violations, or reducing Federal financial exposure with regard to the structure or other development.

  • Minor violation means a violation that is not the result of the purposeful, reckless or criminally negligent conduct of the alleged violator; and/or the activity or condition constituting the violation has not been the subject of an enforcement action by any authorized local, county or state enforcement agency against the violator within the immediately preceding 12 months for the same or substantially similar violation.

  • Market Violation means a tariff violation, violation of a Commission-approved order, rule or regulation, market manipulation, or inappropriate dispatch that creates substantial concerns regarding unnecessary market inefficiencies, as defined in 18 C.F.R. § 35.28(b)(8).

  • Repeat violation means a violation of the same regulation in any location by the same person for which voluntary compliance previously has been sought within two years or a notice of civil violation has been issued

  • Restrictive Covenant Violation means the Participant’s breach of the Restrictive Covenants listed on Appendix A or any covenant regarding confidentiality, competitive activity, solicitation of the Company’s vendors, suppliers, customers, or employees, or any similar provision applicable to or agreed to by the Participant.

  • Violation means the failure of a structure or other development to be fully compliant with the community's floodplain management regulations. A structure or other development without the elevation certificate, other certifications, or other evidence of compliance required in Articles 4 and 5 is presumed to be in violation until such time as that documentation is provided.

  • Employment Violation means any material breach by Grantee of his or her employment agreement with the Company or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates for so long as the terms of such employment agreement shall apply to Grantee (with any breach of the post-termination obligations contained therein deemed to be material for purposes of these Award Terms).

  • Environmental Violation means (a) any direct or indirect discharge, disposal, spillage, emission, escape, pumping, pouring, injection, leaching, release, seepage, filtration or transporting of any Hazardous Substance at, upon, under, onto or within the Leased Premises, or from the Leased Premises to the environment, in violation of any Environmental Law or in excess of any reportable quantity (excluding those which solely trigger regular annual reports) established under any Environmental Law or which is likely to result in any liability to Landlord, Tenant or Lender, any Federal, state or local government or any other Person for the costs of any removal or remedial action or natural resources damage or for bodily injury or property damage, (b) any deposit, storage, dumping, placement or use of any Hazardous Substance at, upon, under or within the Leased Premises or which extends to any Adjoining Property in violation of any Environmental Law or in excess of any reportable quantity (excluding those which solely trigger regular annual reports) established under any Environmental Law or which is likely to result in any liability to any Federal, state or local government or to any other Person for the costs of any removal or remedial action or natural resources damage or for bodily injury or property damage, (c) the abandonment or discarding of any barrels, containers or other receptacles containing any Hazardous Substances in violation of any Environmental Laws, (d) any activity, occurrence or condition which could result in any liability, cost or expense to Landlord or Lender or any other owner or occupier of the Leased Premises, or which is likely to result in a creation of a lien on any Related Premises under any Environmental Law or (e) any violation of or noncompliance with any Environmental Law.

  • Serious traffic violation means a conviction when operating a commercial motor vehicle of:

  • Notice of Violation means a written notice prepared by an enforcement official that informs a responsible person of code violations and orders them to take certain steps to correct the violations.

  • Violation Ticket means a ticket issued pursuant to Part 2 of the Provincial Offences Procedure Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. P-34, as amended, and any regulations thereunder;

  • Material Breach As defined in Section 2.03(e) of this Agreement.

  • Violator means probationer, parolee, or work releasee not having community status revoked but found to have violated conditions of supervision by the appropriate jurisdiction having statutory authority to revoke.

  • Termination of parental rights which shall mean any action resulting in the termination of the parent-child relationship;

  • Willful and Material Breach means a material breach that is a consequence of an act undertaken by the breaching party or the failure by the breaching party to take an act it is required to take under this Agreement, with knowledge that the taking of or failure to take such act would, or would reasonably be expected to, result in, constitute or cause a breach of this Agreement.

  • Substantial Breach means the following:

  • Breach of a representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision of this Agreement or any instrument delivered pursuant to this Agreement will be deemed to have occurred if there is or has been (a) any inaccuracy in or breach of, or any failure to perform or comply with, such representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision, or (b) any claim (by any Person) or other occurrence or circumstance that is or was inconsistent with such representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision, and the term "Breach" means any such inaccuracy, breach, failure, claim, occurrence, or circumstance.

  • Violations has the meaning set forth in Section 6(a).

  • Misappropriation means depriving, defrauding, or otherwise obtaining the real or personal property of a resident by any means prohibited by the Revised Code, including violations of Chapter 2911. or 2913. of the Revised Code.

  • Has a record of such impairment means has a history of, or has been misclassified as having, a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

  • Organizational Action means with respect to any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership or other legally authorized incorporated or unincorporated entity, any corporate, organizational or partnership action (including any required shareholder, member or partner action), or other similar official action, as applicable, taken by such entity.

  • Event of Noncompliance has the meaning set forth in the Certificate of Designation.

  • Environmental Activity means any activity, event or circumstance in respect of a Contaminant, including, without limitation, its storage, use, holding, collection, purchase, accumulation, assessment, generation, manufacture, construction, processing, treatment, stabilization, disposition, handling or transportation, or its Release into the natural environment, including movement through or in the air, soil, surface water or groundwater;

  • Sexually violent predator means a person who:

  • harmful interference means interference which endangers the functioning of a radio navigation service or of other safety services or which otherwise seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly interrupts a radio communications service operating in accordance with the applicable international, Union or national regulations;