Reused definition

Reused means having once been a waste and being:
Reused means any product designed to be used many times for the same or other purposes without additional processing except for specific requirements such as cleaning, painting, or minor repairs.

Examples of Reused in a sentence

  • Reused plywood shall be thoroughly cleaned, damaged edges or surfaces repaired and both sides and edges oiled with colorless form oil.

  • Reused 10th EDF funds, previously not committed in accordance with Article 1(3) of the 11th EDF Internal Agreement or decommitted in accordance with Article 1(4) of that Agreement, shall remain a resource of the 10th EDF under point (a) of Article 1(2) of the 10th EDF Internal Agreement 3,HAS ADOPTED THIS DECISION: 2015/3221 Council Regulation (EU) of 2 March 2015 on the implementation of the 11th2018/1877European Development Fund (OJ L 58, 3.3.2015, p.

Related to Reused

  • Reuse means using a product or component of municipal solid waste in its original form more than once. “RFP” means a Request for Proposal designed to solicit proposals for services.

  • Recycled material means any material that would otherwise be a useless, unwanted or discarded material except for the fact that the material still has useful physical or chemical properties after serving a specific purpose and can, therefore, be reused or recycled.

  • Recycled means recovered wood that prior to being supplied to the Authority had an end use as a standalone object or as part of a structure. The term "recycled" is used to cover the following categories: pre-consumer recycled wood and wood fibre or industrial by products but excluding sawmill co-products (sawmill co-products are deemed to fall within the category of virgin timber), post-consumer recycled wood and wood fibre, and drift wood. It also covers reclaimed timber which was abandoned or confiscated at least ten years previously. Documentary evidence and independent verification also apply to recycled materials, but will focus on the use to which the timber was previously put rather than the forest source.

  • Processed shall be interpreted accordingly;

  • Bicycle means a device propelled solely by human power, upon which a person may ride either on

  • Recyclable means material that can be sorted, cleansed, and reconstituted using the City’s available recycling collection programs for the purpose of using the altered form in the manufacture of a new product. Recycling does not include burning, incinerating, converting, or otherwise thermally destroying solid waste.

  • Recyclable material means a material generated by the entity's operations, including aluminum, steel containers, aseptic packag- ing and polycoated paperboard cartons, high-grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard.