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Required Service or "Standard" used in this Performance Requirements Summary (PRS) are intended to be completely consistent with the main body of this Contract and Attachment A, Statement of Work, and are not meant in any case to create, exte nd, revise, or expand any obligation of CONTRACTOR beyond that defined in the main body of this Contract and Attachment A. In any case of apparent inconsistency between required services or Standards as stated in the main body and Attachment A and this PRS, the meaning apparent in the main body and Attachment A will prevail. If any required service or Standard seems to be created in this PRS which is not clearly and forthrightly set forth in the main body or Attachment A, that apparent Required Service or Standard will be null and void and place no requirement on CONTRACTOR and will not be the basis of the assignment of any penalties. The COUNTY expects a high Standard of CONTRACTOR performance. DPSS will work with the CONTRACTOR to resolve any areas of difficulty brought to the attention of the CCA by the CONTRACTOR before the allowable deviation from acceptable Standard should occur. However, it is the CONTRACTOR=S responsibility to provide the services set forth in the Statement of Work, Attachment A, and summarized in the PRS.
Required Service means an electronic communications network that provides with a confidence level of more than 95% a mobile telecommunications service to users (i) with a sustained downlink speed of not less than 2 megabits per second, and (ii) on which 90 second voice calls can be made without interruption. This is equivalent to providing an outdoor LTE telecommunications service at a predicted mean signal strength of at least -105dBm; 3 EE Limited, registered in England under company number 02382161. Registered office address: Trident Place, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW.4 Hutchison 3G UK Limited, registered in England under company number 03885486. Registered office address: Star House, 20 Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1EH.5 Telefónica UK Limited, registered in England under company number 01743099. Registered office address: 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX.6 Vodafone Limited, registered in England under company number 01471587. Registered office address: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

Examples of Required Service in a sentence

  • Required Service Plan ElementsThere is no required service plan format.

  • It shall include all required elements described under Required Service Plan Elements above.

  • It is recognized that a report performed for a third party will not necessarily contain all the components listed in the Deliverables and Required Service sections listed above, but should reflect an understanding of the key factors.

  • Standards Required Service Performance StandardIncentive/ DisincentiveThe Contractor shall liaise with KCCO, the applicable vessel agent, and NGO in order to coordinate on-time attendance and the service to be provided.

  • The services described in this Article 10 are not included in Required Services unless identified as an “Additional Required Service or Modified Required Service”.

  • If the Department determines that Contractor failed in any quarter to meet requirements of the Required Service Levels found in section 37, Statement of Work, Exhibit 6, for two or more standards, the Department has the right to assess Contractor a fee in accordance with the Required Service Levels table in Exhibit 6.

  • The services described in this Article 4 are not included in Required Services unless identified as an “Additional Required Service or Modified Required Service”.

  • Military Training and Required Service: The Service Member has served in a capacity, for a period of time, and in a manner that permits an informed determination as to whether the member served honorably, as set forth below.

  • Required Service of Notification by RequestorThe requestor, or his attorney, shall append to the request for a declaratory opinion a listing of all persons, with addresses, known to the requestor who may have an interest in the declaratory opinion sought to be issued, and shall mail a copy of the request to all such persons.

  • Decide on type and levels of service to be provided, and monitor the performance of the Network (facilities and leased band providers) to ensure that service delivery meets the Required Service Performance Level (RSPL) and the Required Communication Performance criteria previously pre-determined when applicable, in accordance with the Manual of Required Communication Performance (RCP Doc.

More Definitions of Required Service

Required Service has the meaning set forth in Section 4.5.
Required Service means the Services specifically listed on Part 2 of an attached Schedule and Special Schedule to this Addendum, for which the Contractor shall be obligated to perform to Equipment listed in Part 1 of each such Schedule. The omission of a Service from the list of Required Services in Part 2 of a Schedule does not relieve the Contractor from the obligation of
Required Service means a service performed by a dealer or

Related to Required Service

  • Covered service means a service or supply specified in this Policy for which benefits will be provided.

  • Shared Service means any service, other than a Utility Service or a For Profit Affiliate Service, provided on a Cost Recovery Basis by a Utility to an Affiliate or by an Affiliate to a Utility.

  • scheduled service means a series of ship crossings operated so as to serve traffic between the same two or more ports, either according to a published timetable or with crossings so regular or frequent that they constitute a recognisable systematic series;

  • Eligibility Service of an employee means the period or periods of service credited to him under the provisions of Article II for purposes of determining his eligibility to participate in the Plan as may be required under Article III or Article VI.

  • Covered Services means the health services, supplies and accommodations for which SHL pays benefits under this Plan.

  • Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.

  • CMU Service means the Central Moneymarkets Unit Service, operated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority;

  • regular service means a series of ship crossings operated so as to serve traffic between the same two or more ports, or a series of voyages from and to the same port without intermediate calls, either:";

  • Grandfathered Service means service which is no longer available for new customers and is limited to the current customer at their current locations with certain provisioning limitations, including but not limited to upgrade denials, feature adds/changes and responsible/billing party.

  • Cloud Service means any distinct, subscription-based, hosted, supported and operated on-demand solution provided by SAP under an Order Form.

  • Standard Service means Facilities which meet good economic electric industry practice including safety, reliability and operating criteria and standards consistent with the particular characteristics of service as determined by FortisAlberta acting reasonably;

  • Medical service means any medical treatment or any medical, surgical, diagnostic, chiropractic, dental, hospital, nursing, ambulances, or other related services; drugs, medicine, crutches, prosthetic appliances, braces, and supports; and where necessary, physical restorative services.

  • Service Availability The total number of minutes in a calendar quarter that the Tyler Software is capable of receiving, processing, and responding to requests, excluding maintenance windows, Client Error Incidents and Force Majeure.

  • Enhanced Service Provider (ESP means the provider of enhanced services, as those services are defined in 47 CFR Section 64.702.

  • Distribution Service means the delivery of electricity to Customers by the Distribution Company.

  • Covered service member means a member of the Armed Forces, including a member of the National Guard or Reserves, who is undergoing medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy, is otherwise in outpatient status, or is otherwise on the temporary disability retired list, for a serious injury or illness.

  • Utility Service means a service, the terms and conditions of which are regulated by the EUB, and includes services for which an individual rate, joint rate, toll, fare, charge or schedule of them, have been approved by the EUB.

  • 911 Service means a universal telephone number which gives the public direct access to the Public Safety Answering Point (“PSAP”). Basic 911 service collects 911 calls from one or more local exchange switches that serve a geographic area. The calls are then sent to the correct authority designated to receive such calls.

  • Planned Service Interruption means a Service Interruption that has been scheduled to occur in accordance with schedule 5;

  • air service means any scheduled air service performed by aircraft for the public transport of passengers, mail or cargo.

  • Basic Service means any service tier that includes the retransmission of local television broadcast Signals and any equipment or installation used in connection with Basic Service.

  • In-service means an educational program, which is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, and overall effectiveness of personnel.

  • Company Service means the Company's email, Internet, security management services provided to End Users for the purposes of conducting Company's internal business.

  • input service means any service used or intended to be used by a supplier in the course or furtherance of business;

  • Level of service has the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(c).

  • Yearly (1/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done in the month of September, unless specifically identified otherwise in the effluent limitations and monitoring requirements table.