Rear definition

Rear means the front or rear of the vehicle according to the normal direction of travel and the terms; "forward", "foremost", "rearward" and "rearmost" etc. shall be construed accordingly.
Rear means that part of the vehicle between the transverse vertical plane tangent to the extreme rear-end including all original equipment components and the transverse vertical plane passing through the centre of the rearmost axle.
Rear as applied to a building shall mean that portion which is on the opposite of 'Front'.

Examples of Rear in a sentence

  • Statement of Rear Admiral Stephen Johnson, USN, Director, Strategic Systems Programs, Before the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces of the Senate Armed Services Committee [on] FY2011 Strategic Systems, March 17, 2010, p.

  • The illustration was also included as Slide 2 in a Navy briefing entitled “Designing & Building the Surface Fleet: Unmanned and Small Combatants,” by Rear Admiral Casey Moton at a June 20, 2019, conference of the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE).Notes: Each sphere represents a ship or a USV.

  • Students in the rear-half of the bus should use the emergency Rear Door Evacuation Procedure.

  • Vehicle shall be equipped with all the standard fittings, instruments etc, including portable fire extinguisher, Fog light, First Aid box with updated list of medicines, Seat cover, Floor mats, front guard, charging unit for charging of mobile phones, spark arrestor with fittings, Back gear with beeping sound, Outside Rear view mirrors on both sides of the vehicle.

  • Rear Admiral David Johnson, briefing to Naval Submarine League Annual Symposium [on] Expanding Undersea Dominance, October 23, 2014, briefing slide 19.

  • Source: Rear Admiral David Johnson, briefing to Naval Submarine League Annual Symposium [on] Expanding Undersea Dominance, October 23, 2014, briefing slide 19.

  • Rear signals to be wired for stop and tail lights in addition to directional signals.

  • Rear seat or interior panels have been opened, there are tools or spare tire, etc.

  • Rear Yard Setback (2) (4)(5)15 ft15 ft5 ft5 ft5 ft5 ft5 ft5 ftMin.

  • Rear springs shall consist of both main and auxiliary or overloads.

More Definitions of Rear

Rear means a line which is opposite and most distant from the front lot line; in the case of a triangular or irregular lot, a line ten (10) feet long within the lot, parallel to and farthest from the front lot line.
Rear means parking must be located behind a building relative to the street right-of-way.
Rear. , in relation to a vehicle, means every part of the vehicle which is not the front;
Rear means the northern surveyed property line of Lot 155, Plan 107656 CLSR, Burrard Inlet IR No. 3;
Rear retro-reflector’ means the retro-reflector device used to indicate the presence of the vehicle when viewed from the rear;
Rear means regional environmental impact assessment report, a document dated April 19, 1999 and issued by SRH, which describes the potential cumulative environmental and social impacts of Subprojects and containing recommendations to mitigate such impacts;

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  • Width As specified in paragraph

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