Rail Corridor definition

Rail Corridor means the area containing the Rail Tracks, rail junctions, level crossings, station buildings, platforms, signal boxes, tunnels, bridges and other associated structures. This area is often defined by railway boundary fencing and in the absence of such fencing, is defined by a physical boundary (ie tunnel, building or retaining walls) or everywhere within 15 metres of the outermost rails. It may exclude areas that have received "RISI Exemption" for the period of the exemption.

Examples of Rail Corridor in a sentence

  • The metro corridor is 29.7 km long and is known as Noida Greater Noida Metro Rail Corridor.

  • The metro corridor is 29.7 km long in first phase and is known as Noida Greater Noida Metro Rail Corridor.

  • For HSIPR projects funded under the authority of the High-Speed Rail Corridor Development program (49 USC 26106(f)), the Intercity Passenger Rail Service Corridor Capital Assistance program (49 USC 24402(g)(1)(B)), or the Congestion Grants program (49 USC 24105(c)), the Federal share for the cost of the project cannot exceed 80 percent.

  • Aurizon Network and the Trustee each acknowledges and agrees that the Land Lessor is entitled to exercise such rights as are expressly or impliedly conferred on it under the Land Lease or this Deed, or are conferred by Law, in relation to the Rail Corridor Land or in relation to any activities undertaken on, or any things that are located on, under or over, Rail Corridor Land.

  • It is expressly understood that Licensor does not warrant title to any Rail Corridor and Licensee will accept the grants and privileges contained herein, subject to all lawful outstanding existing liens, mortgages and superior rights in and to the Rail Corridor, and all leases, licenses and easements or other interests previously granted to others therein.

More Definitions of Rail Corridor

Rail Corridor shall have the meaning set forth in Recital A above.
Rail Corridor means the multiple main track, high density, mainline railroad system (including the Trackage), together with the real property on which such railroad system is located, as shown on the Map, located along and parallel to Alameda Street beginning, in the north, for each Railroad, at the point that such Railroad leaves the mainline tracks or trackage rights owned or held by such Railroad (other than the Rail Corridor itself), which point, for each Railroad, is shown on the Map, and ending, in the south, at the points shown on the Map.
Rail Corridor shall have the meaning set forth in Recital A.
Rail Corridor means the area from fence line to fence line around a rail line or, if there are no fences, the area that is within 15 metres of the outermost rails of the rail line.
Rail Corridor means land which is owned by a railway company or used by a railway company in the operation of a railway and contains a railway track or tracks. Permitted Uses
Rail Corridor means a strip of real property owned by, or purchased from, a railroad company which is currently or was previously used as a railroad transportation facility (an operating or abandoned rail line corridor).
Rail Corridor means land: