Pseudoaddiction definition

Pseudoaddiction means an iatrogenic syndrome resulting from the misinterpretation of relief-seeking behaviors as though they are drug-seeking behaviors that are commonly seen with addiction. The relief-seeking behaviors resolve upon institution of effective analgesic therapy.

Examples of Pseudoaddiction in a sentence

Pseudo-addiction: addiction-like behaviors consistent with overutilization of medications outside of the prescribing provider's instructions and recommendations for the express purpose of improved pain management.

Pseudoaddiction can be distinguished from true addiction in that the behaviors resolve when the pain is effectively treated.

Pseudo-addiction was defined as a patient showing drug-seeking conduct typical of an addict but for reasons of inadequate analgesia and not because of addiction.

Pseudoaddiction revisited: a commentary on clinical and historical considerations.

Pseudoaddiction Pattern of drug-seeking behavior of pain patients who are receiving inadequate pain management that can be mistaken for addiction.